Monday, January 27, 2014

Love Fabric

Last week at Joann Fabric I came across quilting fabrics that were 40% off.. I bought 3 different chicken themed fabrics. My favorite is the white background and I plan on making kitchen curtains with it. Sorry the lighting wasn't very good so the material  photo is shadowed. Upper left corner is what the material looks like..a very white background.

                                    The fabric with the big blocks I plan on making into pot holders.

I'm not sure what I will use the fabric pictured below for yet. 

My sister in law, Terry loves chickens and so does my son, Terry and Steven both have chickens so I will probably make something for them using this fabric.

I also recently ordered from and I was very happy with the service. Fast delivery, I had free shipping, and some of the fabrics were on sale.
I ordered all vintage sewing machine themed material from as I never see sewing machine fabric in the stores that I care for. What I've seen is always on the cute side and not realistic.

pink and gray

dark green background

I will probably make curtains, fabric post cards, pillow cases and coverings for my sewing machines with the fabrics. If I see fabric that I like..I buy it. 


Barbara said...

First machines, then fabric with machines, perfect! Very cute chickens too?

Joanne Huffman said...

Very nice selection of fabric.