Saturday, November 17, 2012

E Book Merry Christmas...Meager Budget

My niece's Sarah and Beth wrote an e book for families who need practical ideas for gift giving during the holidays. The sisters share craft instructions that Beth makes for local Primitive Stores. This e book is JAM PACKED full of great gift giving ideas for under ten dollars, home decor and free family fun ideas.

If CHRISTMAS has become more a test of STAMINA than the joyous Holiday it was meant to be, this new e book might be for you!


Sarah and Beths Christmas book


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

Thanking all those past and present who have served our country for the freedoms we enjoy today.

My Dad and Uncle's and husband.

Uncles and Dad ww2 Uncle Eino, Uncle Rei and Dad home on leave..WWII.

u.Eino and Dad ww2 Uncle Eino and Dad

ww2 dad working on plane My Dad served in the Figi Islands during WWII. Replacing a gas tank on a plane

U.Eino in plane ww2 Uncle Eino in plane's cockpit

U.Rei in Italy ww2 Uncle Rei stationed in Italy

Tom service photo Tom

I haven't had time to create art, but have been busy sewing and taking care of my parents. I hope you have had time for creating.