Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vintage Finds

vintage pin needle holder4wood holder with tightly curled paper inside that hold  pins and needles

vintage pin needle holder view from toptop view

vintage pin needle holder bottom 15 centswood bottom ...15 cents

I rotated the pin holder so I could photograph around the whole piece

vintage pin needle holder1 vintage pin needle holder2 vintage pin needle holder3 vintage pin needle holder5   

This pin/needle holder came to me after my husbands aunt, Anne passed away. I found the pin holder in her sewing basket  The pins in this pin holder have been there since I received this piece. Many of the pins are still in the original holes and had never been removed to be used.

I also have a tiny box with a silk cocoon inside, but I can't put my hands on that at the moment.

I can't remember where I found this 1907 Waltham Watch Company repair kit box. Inside was a packet with a main spring, a wrist watch face and parts, and another container filled with watch parts.

vintage waltham watch box1907 Waltham Watch repair kit box

vintage waltham watch box w closed containersclosed containers

vintage waltham watch box w open containers2    open containersvintage waltham watch box w open containers

I've had the watch repair kit and pin holder for many years. I love old things, don't you?

vintage tatting booka very fragile old crochet, tatting , knitting instruction booklet. Tatting  is a lost art. I wish I knew how to do it.


This and That

I don't have any new artwork to share with all of you, but I wanted to share a few photos that I've taken in the last couple of days. Some of bargains I've found and some from a ride around the cranberry bog with my dad yesterday.

First...a few days ago I went to T J Maxx in Plymouth, and as I was browsing I found some wonderful rolls of gift wrap (30 square feet in a roll) for $2.99. The paper is quite heavy.

rolls of paper..price labels

I love both rolls of gift wrap that I bought but my favorite is the birch bark gift wrap. I love birch trees and this paper is so real looking. I plan on using some of the paper on a  journal cover. The paper is so real looking but not so much in this photos. The birch bark paper is also a little heavier than the clock paper I bought.

rolls of paper..birch bark 

rolls of paper..clocks clocks

If you have a TJ Maxx nearby look to see what they have for gift wrap.

I had to go and cover some cardboard for book covers using the birch paper.

birch bark paper covers I feel a nature themed journal is in the making

I took my Dad for blood work yesterday morning, then ran some of his errands and before we did his grocery shopping he wanted to take a ride around the cranberry bogs.

I had to stop because this good sized snapping turtle was crossing in front of us. His shell was probably 12 inches across. They are nasty so I didn't get too close to take the picture.

snapping turtle Plympton 4.10.13

By the river I spotted a large pussy willow tree that I had never noticed before in all the years that I have been down the bog. I guess it just never was in bloom when I've seen it.

pussy willow tree near river Plympton pussy willow tree near river Plympton2

pussy willow catkins near river Plympton sorry, this photo is a little blurry, but as you can see some of the pussy willows have already started to go by and soon the tree will be leafed out.

I almost forgot...I love white quartz rocks and when ever I see a decent sized one I pick it up for my rock garden. While I was out of the car taking a photo of the snapping turtle, I spied a white quartz rock near my back tire. I used the tip of my sneaker to try and dislodge it from the dirt roadway. At first I was disappointed when I saw that the rock had split and one half was in shards. When I turned the rock over I was surprised to see a hollow inside.

white quartz rock inside inside of rock

white quartz rock outside top part of the quartz rock

The bogs are still dormant and look like a carpet of dark red. Soon the cranberry leaves will turn green.

Have a creative day.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Smash Book March pages

Smash book March 2013 double page

I started by spraying the pages with yellow and lime green Dylusions inks. Then I sprayed the pages with Smooch Spritz ink in a red color. After spraying the pages, I took a  roll of paper towels and rolled it over the pages to absorb the extra ink. My pages still have a few more little things to be added.

 Smash book March 2013 left page

I used pictures and words from travel brochures and also used part of a AAA map.

Smash book March 2013 right page

I wanted to create my March Smash pages relating to the Florida trip that my cousin and I recently took.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Working on another Beach Themed Journal

What can I say. I love the beach and I find that many handmade books/journals that I create have a beach theme. 
Art book April sea themed back cover paper 3. 2013 this is the colorful handmade paper that I bought years ago at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). The paper has some clear areas because wax was used to make a leaf pattern on the thick paper. I have hoarded this paper for a long time, and today was finally time to break down and use some of it. I guess the creative bug hit me this morning because I also completed Smash book pages.
Creating my covers for the journal. I recycled by using the thick cardboard back of a used up watercolor pad. I cut my cardboard to the size I wanted on my big Boston paper cutter.
Art book April sea themed glueing paper and bookboard 3. 2013
Art book April sea themed glueing paper to cover 3. 2013cut paper and glued cardboard for my cover
Art book April sea themed glueing paper to cover1 3. 2013I glued cardboard to the center of the paper and then I scored paper sides of cover
Art book April sea themed glueing paper to cover sides 3. 2013gluing sides
Art book April sea themed paper glued to one side of cover 3. 2013cover paper is now adhered now glued on.
Art book April sea themed glue d page ready to add to cover 3. 2013Handmade paper is glued to the cover. I cut a piece of cardstock slightly smaller and glued both the paper and the cardboard so the cardstock would adhere really well. I love UHU glue sticks. I've never had a problem in my handmade books with the papers coming loose using UHU glue.
Art book April sea themed inside front and back covers 3.2013still bumpy looking from the UHU glue stick, but I used a brayer to smooth the paper and when the glue dried the paper was smooth.
Art book April sea themed front back handmade paper covers 3. 2013finished front and back covers. I didn't want the waxy leaves on the paper to show because my journal is beach themed so I covered those areas with cut out images.
Art book April sea themed front cover 2013front cover for now
Art book April sea themed back coverback cover
Art book April sea themed front cover and signatures3.2013front cover, signatures and back cover
Art book April sea themed inside front cover and watercolored first signature 3. 2013inside front cover, and water color paper on the cover of the first signature in my journal that I painted and then added stickers
Art book April sea themed signature2 back3.  2013water colored painting I did on back of the books first signature. On the right..I want to replace the cardstock signature and use another water color paper so I can have a water color painting on both pages.
(Added 4.6.2013  I went to Michael's and used a coupon to buy another pad of water color paper. The photo below is now the finished water colored double page spread.  I will probably add something to the right side of the page... and I did..a mermaid)
Sea journal watercolor double page 4.2013
Sea journal watercolor double page w mermaid 4.2013
Art book April sea themed signature4.  2013   I created 4 signatures
 Art book April sea themed shell signature page 3. 2013  Art book April sea themed signature3.  2013
covers of other signatures
I haven't sewn the book together yet. I am also thinking about using either a piece of navy blue or black leather for the books covers, but first, I have to find where I stashed those leather pieces. Oh brother, where to look first.

So far this is a bare bones journal without anything  added to the pages at the moment. I have a folder with items and papers that I've collected and want to add to  this journal. I have replaced some of the card stock pages with more water color paper pages.
My fingers are covered in glue and Gesso. I keep washing my hands, but I haven't managed to get all of the glue and paint off yet, but what fun I had today sitting down creating. :-)

Smash Book pages month of February

Smash Book Feb 2013 2nd pic double pages

February's finished  2 page spread

Yes, I was behind on working on my monthly Smash book pages. This morning I gathered a few items, grabbed my Smash book and started working on a two page spread for February.   February was really cold here in Massachusetts and we had lots of snow so why not work on a snow theme.

Smash book Feb. 2013 pages before altering the Smash book pages started off looking like this, but the right page had orange paper, and it didn't go with my theme. If you don't like the page..change it by covering or painting over it.

I first covered the orange page with gesso. Then I glued a piece of snowflake tissue paper over the Gesso. I cut out a decorative napkin and glued that to the page. Glued a piece of sheer Let it Snow ribbon to the top of the page. I found a brown cardboard snowflake which I coated with Gesso and added Martha Stewart snow glitter on the top of the wet paint. I used a Tim Holtz ticket to journal on. Lastly, I smeared Gesso onto a piece of bubble wrap with my fingers and stamped the page with it.

Smash book Feb 2013 2nd pic right page

finished right hand side of page

I kept the blue and white background that was on the Smash book page. I glued a small calendar page to the left hand upper corner. Cut out and glued a decorative napkin over most of the page. Added some snowman stickers. Used bubble wrap with Gesso and stamped on the page. I also glued on large plastic snowflakes in dark blue, silver and a medium blue.  Finally, I wrote...Snow Snow and More Snow 2013.

 Smash book 2013 2nd pic left page left side of page

I already have an idea for March's pages. Do you use decorative napkins in your artwork?