Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's been a very difficult week

My family has had a difficult week.

To start the week I received a phone call from my cousin, Cheryl. Her mom was out for the day with her, and her mom collapsed in the car. 911 was called, CPR given, but Carolyn has remained in a coma and on a ventilator. After an EEG the news was bad..occasional seizure activity, but no brain activity. Now, my 3 cousins face the difficult decision of when to take their mother off of life support. My cousins lost their dad 2 1/2 years ago. Please keep them in your prayers as they go thru this very difficult time.

Update...3.29.2012..this afternoon Carolyn was taken off of life support, and then passed away a short time later. I will miss her.

Like the old saying goes...When it rains it mom also was dealing with some health issues this week, and so I've been over to my parents house everyday. Then yesterday morning I had a health scare. I called the doctor's office as soon as it opened and was seen shortly after. I think everything will be okay.

My son's girlfriend wrote on Facebook this morning....

"When life is a bitter pill to swallow, You gotta hold on to what you believe
Believe that the sun will shine tomorrow

I find those words comforting.


Monday, March 26, 2012

UNexpected Find..Friendly Plastic Book 101

friendly plastic book
This morning I was going thru a stack of magazines and craft books that had been stacked and were sitting in a corner of my craft room. This stack of books have been there for a long time. Imagine my surprise when I found a book on Friendly Plastic 101. I think I bought this book several years back at a yard sale. Now, to find the time to try some of the projects that are in the book. I have been looking for one of the multi toothed combs that they use with Friendly Plastic, but haven't seen one in any of the local craft stores.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do you remember ZaRex? Updated 3.26.12

Raspeberry lime rickey drink ZaRex in a bottle old bottle I had in the refrigerator

During the warm spell we recently had I kept thinking about making a Raspberry Lime Rickey, but I kept forgetting to pick up limes when I was at the store. I had a bottle of raspberry ZaRex syrup in the refrigerator and 7 UP, but not a lime.  I finally bought some limes yesterday.
Here is what I use to make Raspberry Lime Rickey's, but you can use Sprite, or seltzer water.
Raspeberry lime rickey drink ingredients
ZaRex syrup was discontinued a few years back, but local residents bought the recipe rights, and now ZaRex is being sold again in some local stores and online.  There is a store (Prisco's on Rte.18) in, Bridgewater that supposedly now carries ZaRex, and I need to go and get a new bottle. 
Priscos market business card
Updated 3.26.2012. this morning I decided to take a ride to Prisco's. I did find ZaRex, and I was surprised to see on the shelves some ZaRex flavors in Sugar Free. Both the regular and sugar free sold for $4.95 a bottle.
New Bottle of raspberry that I bought. I didn't buy the sugar free.
3.26.2012 New Zarex bottle

My drink...yum!
Raspeberry lime rickey drink in tall glass
  As kids, we drank Kool Aid and ZaRex, hardly ever soda/pop/tonic. In the area where I live we always called it tonic or soda. My grandfather always had Canada Dry Ginger ale at his house and it was a treat to have a small glass when we visited. My mother made and bottled home made root beer every summer, and it was delicious. Mom would serve us Kool Aid and ZaRex drinks on hot summer days. Mom would also make popsicles in dixie cups or ice cube trays with the Kool Aid and ZaRex as a cool treat for us to enjoy. Now, I'm getting nostalgic.
Here is a ZaRex website with Recipes.
If you find some and make a raspberry lime rickey.

Sweet Song Bird card

3.25.2012 sweet song bird card

So many birds are returning to the area, and I love to hear their sweet songs fill the air. Their songs bring a smile to my face and make me happy.

Since I haven't had time to sit and create any kind of art lately I decided to make a quick card while I was waiting for the clothes to finish washing.

For my card.... I started with blue card stock and then added a piece of printed page scrapbook paper layered over the blue card stock. I then added a piece of ribbon with musical notes, stamped words, and a stamped bird on a branch with berries image that I colored with pencils and water colored the blue background. I'm not entirely happy with how the card turned out, but I am not going to toss it away.

Because I'm not creating art on a daily basis I think my muse has flown out the window. I find this very frustrating, and I'm hoping my muse will soon come back to me. Do you ever get stuck for ideas? 


Friday, March 23, 2012

Early Morning phone call-Whale sighting alert

3.22.2012 Herring Cove Provincetown whale finwhale fluke coming out of the water at Herring Cove, Provincetown, taken from shore

The phone rang early yesterday morning, and my cousin who lives on Cape Cod, called and wanted me to come down for the day. Cheryl wanted to go to Race Point, Provincetown, MA to see if we could see the pod of 50 migrating right whales ( most endangered whale species) that had been sighted and could be seen from shore. The whales are suppose to be in the area for a few days. Click to read more about right whales.

I've been on a whale watch in a boat, but I had never seen whales from shore. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go and see the whales.
I quickly made Tom's lunch, got ready and headed out to the Cape. I picked up my cousin and off we went.
On the ride to Provincetown so many spring trees, shrubs and flowers were in bloom. It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm day, a perfect day for a ride. Everything is about 1-2 months ahead of schedule this year due to the extremely warm winter we've had.
3.22.2012 star magnolia cape cod star magnolia blooming..I love these trees
 3.22.2012 CC scotch broom Provincetownscotch broom grows all along the dunes and roadway at Race Point, tip of Cape Cod. In the spring the plants will be covered with pale yellow flowers.
3.22.2012 CC dune grass Provincetowndune grass  3.22.2012 Provincetown fence and dunes sand dune and  fencing taken on the road to Herring Cove and Race Point, Provincetown..reflections on the sand of the fencing
3.22.2012 Race Point sand dunes dunes..Race Point, Provincetown
3.22.2012 fence w sand dunes w reflection cape cod fencing on the dunes with reflection
  3.22.2012 Herring Cove sign Provincetown WW National Seashore beach area where we also watched the migrating right whales
  3.22.2012 CC Herring Cove Provincetown whale blow hard to take a photo of a whale blowing (exhaling). By the time I spotted a whales blow of water and got my little digital camera focused the water had mostly dispersed..look on the right hand side of  at the top of the dark blue water you will see a puff of white...whale blowing water. That's all I managed to capture. The photos were taken using 40 x zoom.
3.22.2012 CC Herring Cove Provincetown whale blow2    center of photo..whale blow
3.22.2012 Herring Cove lighthousegirl sitting near the waters edge in wet suit at Herring Cove, Provincetown looking towards Race Point and lighthouse
3.22.2012 Herring Cove girl in water w wet suitat Herring Cove a girl was in a wet suit and in the cold water
3.22.2012 house in Provincetowns west endodd shaped house on a street in the West End of Provincetown. Love the widow's walk on the roof.

crows are everywhere on the Cape..this one looks like he is standing guard

3.22.2012 favorite childhood treats

my favorite gum and candy from my childhood. Love going to the old Brewster General Store on 6-A when I go to the Cape. I always stock up on Teaberry gum. The store has so many wonderful things.

Late afternoon we stopped at A.C. Moore and Michael's in Hyannis. I hadn't been in a craft store in about 2 months, which was a record for me. :-)
I picked up a couple of Tim Holtz folders that were on clearance and then had an additional 40% off..great deal. I bought some papers, a 6 x6  paper stack, a package of tissue paper that was the color of kraft paper with old keys all over the tissue and some Sea World stickers that were in the mark down bin.
All in all I had a lovely day. I hope you did too.

I also want to thank those who leave let's me know that my blog is being read.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Signs of an early spring in New England

3.21.2012 Early signs of spring pussywillows1 pussy willows
Here in New England we have had unusually warm weather all winter and really warm weather in the past couple of weeks.
3.21.2012 Early signs of spring crocusThe first spring flowers that bloom early in my area are snowdrops and crocus. I don't have snow drops, but my crocus are blooming as well as a few daffodils. I was outside this morning before the sun was really up and snapped a few photos. the grass is even starting to turn green. The sun wasn't up so the crocus hadn't opened up for the day yet.
3.21.2012 Early signs of spring pussywillows2 I always forget to check the pussy willow shrub that I planted many years ago in the side yard. When I think to check it, the pussy willows are already too big to cut and bring into the house to dry. I dug up my bush when it was really small. I found the bush growing on the bank of a reservoir at my dad's cranberry bog. The shrub grows really fast, and I cut it back every couple of years, or I'd never be able to reach the pussy willows to cut and bring inside. The pussy willows always grow on the new growth at the top of the bush. I love pussy willows, because it is a sure sign of spring.  Another sure sign of spring, hearing the peepers (frogs), which I heard this week.
3.21.2012 Early signs of spring lilac leafing out
this picture is blurry, but I couldn't believe it when I was out in the yard this morning and saw my lilac bushes leaves starting to bud out.
Today and tomorrow are again suppose to be very warm, and then I guess the temperatures will return to more normal March weather.

Still no time for art for me. This week since getting back from vacation has been busy. Today, I will be taking my parents to doctor appointments and to do errand.
Hope you have a great day.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Garden fairy LED solar light closeup
before taking off the tag and turning it on

LED solar lights
Today is the first day of spring, and here in New England the weather is just beautiful..sunny, and nice and warm. We have had such weird weather and for Thursday the weather station is predicting temperatures in the 80's. Since it was the first day of spring when I found this Garden fairy LED solar light, I had to buy it.
I love it, and can't wait for the sun to charge it up so I can see it change colors tonight when the sun goes down. I had a pretty flower solar light in my cart to buy, and then I saw the garden fairy. The fairy ended up coming home with me. I already have a snowflake, hummingbird,  crackled glass ball, and dragonfly solar garden lights around the yard. I have had some for several years that stay outside year round, for $9.99 a great deal.

This morning I had to go for an oil change, and while I was out, I stopped at Trucchi's, a new grocery store to our town, but not for our area. I got some tremendous bargains. I also found items that I haven't been able to find in a long time. In fact, I always had my parents, my aunt, or when we went to Florida bring back Blackened Redfish seasoning, that is made by Badia. I was shocked when I found this spicy seasoning in the new grocery store. I had just brought back 4 bottles from Florida. I gave 2 away to my brothers, and kept 2. I use it on all of the fish I cook for Tom. He loves very spicy food. Anyway, I was thrilled to know I can now buy it locally.

I think I will go make a raspberry lime rickey, and go sit on the back deck to finish reading the book I started while I was in Florida. I am going to enjoy this gorgeous weather while it lasts, because who knows next week we may have snow.. Tree's are starting to bud out..Old Mother Nature is fooling everyone this year.
Have a great day.

P.S..I did sit out in the sun this afternoon and read. Just a short time ago as it was getting dark; I went outside and took photos of my new LED solar garden fairy as it changed colors.

I love my new light, and may go back for the flower and another garden fairy for the yard.

Back to Reality after being on vacation..Part 4

Old Town Photos:
Florida vacation Old Town Ronnie Kyle Cody on motorcycles riding motor cycles..Cody and Kyle
Florida vacation Old Town bumper car twin1 get ready to crashFlorida vacation Old Town bumper car twin2  
Florida vacation Old Town bumper car twin3
Florida vacation Old Town bumper car twin 5 Florida vacation Old Town Ronnie RonnieFlorida vacation Old Town Ronnie Kyle Cody Cassie in taxi Taxi driversFlorida vacation Old Town Ronnie Kyle Cody Cassie in taxi2 Florida vacation Old Town Ronnie Kyle Cody Cassie in taxi3 Kyle, Cassie and Cody riding in the taxi
Florida vacation Old Town Big Fun monster truckBig Fun Monster truck
Florida vacation Old town twin in big monster truck tireKyle inside Monster truck Big Fun tire
Florida vacation Old Town tire with twin Cody
Florida vacation Old Town Sampson monster truck with twinsKyle and CodyFlorida vacation Old Town Sampson monster truck2
Florida vacation Old Town Sampson monster truck frontSamson Monster Truck
Florida vacation Old Town teish and Cassie on merry go round Trish and Cassie  Florida vacation Old Town teish and Cassie on merry go round2   Trish and CassieFlorida vacation Old Town Trish on go cart Trish and Cody
   Florida vacation Old Town Ronnie on go cart Ronnie and KyleFlorida vacation Old Town Ronnie Trish and boys Ronnie, Kyle, Cody, Trish
We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana (Fountains Bldg. 6, 1st floor)
Florida vacation condo where we stayed 2
Florida vacation condo where we stayed
Florida vacation at Sheraton Vistana condos
Florida vacation 3.12 CassieCassie
Florida vacation at condo pool Trish and family My niece Trish, and husband Ronnie, Cody, Cassie and Kyle
Florida vacation at condo Trish and kids in the pool near fountainTrish, Kyle, Cody and Cassie in the heated kiddie pool
Florida vacation 3.12 Cody and Kyle in pool Twins..Cody and Kyle
Florida vacation at condo Kyle and Cody in the pool Kyle and Cody under the fountain in one of the kiddie pools
Florida vacation 3.12 KyleKyle
Florida vacation 3.12 twin in pool Cody      Florida vacation at condo Cassie sitting in the water  Cassie  
   Florida vacation at condo playground1 
Florida vacation at condo playground2
 Florida vacation at condo playground 3 
Florida vacation at condo playground 5
      Florida vacation at condo twin at golf course   Kyle
playing mini golf
Florida vacation at condo twin posing at golf courseCody