Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blank tags..giveaway...oops...I forgot to post the winner

It is cold outside, and I didn't feel like leaving the house today. I was a little bored this morning, and so I took out my Big Kick and my new Tim Holtz tag die.  I cut out an assortment of cardstock tags to use as backgrounds for tag art.
I am going to give away the tags in the photo below.  The tags have snowflakes, hearts, clocks, stripes, dots, floral, swirls, and plain. I am also going to include some tags created from clear recycled plastic packaging using some of my Tim embossing folders to use as an overlay for the tags.
Leave a comment, and they could be yours to to use as backgrounds for your tag art projects.
 blank tag cutouts

I am so sorry...I forgot to post a winner for my blank tag giveaway. Four of you left comments, I will be mailing out an assortment of tags to each of you. I sent out emails this morning, and I am just waiting to
 hear back from all of you so I can get the tags out in the mail. 
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Itty Bits

When I took a ride to Cape Cod on Thursday, I stopped at Tumbleweeds Quilt shop on Rte. 6-A, Barnstable. I love the kiddie swimming pool that is near the door as you enter the shop. The little swimming pool has plastic pails and shovels and is filled with rolls of fabric. There are shovels to dig thru the rolled up itty bits (1/8 yard pieces of fabric), and the pails are for you to put your fabric choices in.  The price of the 1/8 yard fabric rolls is 50 cents.
I never have a project in mind when I start digging in that pool of itty bits. I just buy fabric that I like the color or pattern of.  This time, I bought shells, lighthouse/beach themed, birds, hearts, leaves, flowers, cooking, sewing, paw prints, flamingos, chickens.  These pieces have many uses, but I love making fabric postcards or covering  journals or books that I make with the fabric. Every time I go to the Cape, I have to stop and see what's new in the kiddie pool that I just can't live without. I just love fabric and I probably have more than I could use in a lifetime, but I just keep buying it. :-)
1.28.11 fabric 1 1.28.11 fabric 2
1.28.11 fabric 3
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's..4 x 4's,tag and cards

I worked on some Valentine's this afternoon. I still need to stamp some greetings, but basically they are done. I should have scanned these, but used the digital camera instead, and the cards wouldn't stay some look uneven.valentine 4 x 4 front 4 x 4 frontvalentine 4 x 4 back1 back
valentine 4 x 4 front1 4 x 4 front
valentine 4 x 4 front2 back
valentine tag
valentine triple heart cupid
valentine card5 valentine be mine clown card
valentine card4 valentine card2
valentine card6
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Another snowstorm

The Farmer's Almanac predicted this would be a snowy winter, and they were right. Woke up to a winter wonderland of white. Actually, it is pretty, but that is all I can say about another snowstorm. I am so tired of the white stuff, and it is still January.   Everything under the white stuff is covered in ice. Earlier in the storm we had a slushy rain so the snowfall wasn't as bad as it could have been. I went out with a yardstick, and measured 11 inches of the new snow on top of the crusted old snow from the last storm.1-27-11 snowstorm yardstick
Here are a few photos I snapped when I got up this morning.
Pesky squirrels eating at the Akers bird cafe. I have counted 8 squirrels on/around the  mountain ash tree where my bird feeders are at one time, but most will scatter when they hear the door open.
1.27.11 squirrels on feeder2 1.27.11 squirrels on feeder1 1.27.11 squirrels on feeder3
1.27.11 snowstorm1 spruce tree in back yard
1.27.11 snowstorm erosion bundle1
my erosion bundle covered in snow.

P.S..The sun is now shining brightly, the roads have been plowed and so has our driveway. I took a walk and snapped some more photos. The photos don't show how pretty the snow on the bare tree branches really are in the woods around the yard.  With the sun shining on the snow it looks like millions of diamonds twinkling.
1.27.11 snowstorm around circle1 1.27.11 snowstorm around circle4 1.27.11 snowstorm around circle1 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard4
1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard2 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard7 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard3 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard 1.27.11 snowstorm sideyard5 1-31-11 stray kitty the stray male kitty I have been feeding since last spring. I wish he would come inside the house as I would love to have him. I gave him the name Mittens, as he has white feet. Mittens gets along really well with my kitty, Fluffpuff.
1.30.11 fluffpuff in snowy tree my male kitty, Fluffpuff sitting in the Mountain Ash tree in the front yard.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Do you procrastinate? Unfortunately,  this is a very bad habit of mine. I always tell myself that I'm not going to do it anymore, but somehow I always manage to.
In December, I signed up for a 12 month 4 x 4 swap on An Affair with Art, yahoo group. The swap- All in a Years time. I chose the month of December. There were enough sign ups for 2 groups of twelve, and each participant picked a month to create their 12  4 x 4's. The due date is January 29th. We will each end up with  a piece of art (4 x 4) from all 12 participants January thru December.
I had an idea in the back of my mind of what I wanted to do, but I couldn't find the items in my messy craft room to go with the original idea. So, I kept putting off making my swap  pieces.                                                                                                                               
With the due date fast approaching I couldn't put off making my 4 x 4's any longer.  This morning I cut my papers and got to work on my simply done 4 x 4 's.  The 4 x 4's I created aren't all the same, and the backs are different too.
  I hurried to take photo's of my pieces and get the swap packaged up so I could take it to the post office to be mailed out priority mail today. I knew that we were going to get another snowstorm today, and since I had been busy making my swap pieces I hadn't looked outside. When I did, I noticed that it had started to snow a lot earlier than the weathermen had predicted. The snow was really coming down fast and heavy. I just took it real slow as I drove to Wareham to mail off my package. The highway was fine, but the side roads were extremely slippery. With this snowstorm we are suppose to get another 8-10 inches of the white stuff. :-(

Here are a sampling of the back of my 4 x 4's
4 x 4 year swap backs December
4 x 4 year swap December1 4 x 4 year swap December2
4 x 4 year swap December3
4 x 4 year swap December4
4 x 4 year swap December5
Here are my New Year 4 x 4's that I did for a swap another swap for AAWA. I mailed these out to Cher and Claudia.
4 x 4 year swap New Year 2011

Now, I've had enough with Christmas and it is time to move on to other things. I am now working on some Valentine's. I cut out hearts with my Big Kick with a new die that I bought with a 50% off coupon. I think I will sew the hearts to my card stock. Not sure if I will make 4 x 4's or Artist trading cards.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hit counter for my blog has over 10,000 views..Another giveaway

I started my blog on 2/9/2010 and I had no idea that I would enjoy the blogging world so much. To my amazement this morning I noticed that my blog has had over 10,000 views in a little less than a years time.
So, to all of you who have visited...I will be offering another little giveaway as a way of saying thank you.
If you are a stamper or create art using paper, a scrapbooker or if you are into fabrics. Just leave a comment and be sure to mention what you like best.... paper crafting, scrapbooking or sewing/fabrics.
 The winner will receive a package accordingly. Thanks again to all who are followers of my blog and to those of you who have taken the time to visit my little corner of the blogging world.

 For the fabric lovers: a sampling of many different fabrics pieces. Several felt die cut flowers in the following colors- turquoise, mauve, red, dk. green, light green, black, yellow. Buttons,  an open heart shaped Laurel Birch label to use on quilts or whatever.

Stamper/papercrafter pack: A brand new Stamper's Anonymous rubber stamp, 4 heavy white glitter fence cut outs from Tim Holtz's fence die, assort tags and pocket, a metal key sticker embellishment, silk flower embellishments, folded cards and envelopes, fabric, felt and glitter die cut flowers. I still have a few more items to dig out to add to this package.

Just need to add photo of scrapbook items.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Morning Bloggers

Woke up to a dusting of snow this morning, but the  good news is that the sun is shining brightly this morning. Have to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts as we are due for more snow and rain tonight. I have had enough of snow and cold weather. How about you? I am so wishing it was spring.
My husband, Tom and I are celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary today. Wow, I just don't how the years have flown by so quickly.  We will be going out to supper to our favorite seafood restaurant tonight.  Bailey's on Rte. 28 in Wareham. Tom will probably get blackened swordfish, and I will get the yummy crab cakes and the most wonderful clam cakes. We always get the same thing. If you are ever heading to Cape Cod you should stop and try Bailey's clam cakes.
Well, I mentioned before that I would announce the winner of the winner of my quick turnaround snow themed giveaway.  The winner of the giveaway is Diann.                                                                   Diann, I hope you will enjoy all the goodies.  Thanks to all that left comments. I will be having another giveaway next month. Also, I will probably have a little giveaway for the 10,000th visit to my blog which is fast approaching. So stay tuned.
Wishing you all a wonderful day.
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