Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you kidding me????

For the past few days the weathermen have been predicting a nor'easter spring storm for April Fool's Day. Southeastern Massachusetts, being the coastal area  we were suppose to get rain and maybe a few snowflakes.
This afternoon it started to rain, but around 5 p.m. I looked out the window and was surprised to see that it had stopped raining, and it  was snowing pretty hard.
Tonight, it doesn't know if it wants to rain or snow. The snow is heavy and wet and there is about 3 inches of the white stuff that has accumulated.
I  took these pictures at 9 p.m. I opened the kitchen door and stuck my camera out for a few quick shots using the night time photos option on my digital camera. 
Railing on the kitchen steps
Hope that I will wake up tomorrow morning and it will have rained and all the snow will be gone.  I think the old saying March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb really doesn't apply this year. Not a fun way to start off April and it certainly isn't a great April Fools Day joke either, but glad this storm won't be like the April Fools Day storm that turned into a blizzard in 1997.
Just when I saw my rose bush had leaf buds that were starting to swell open.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Domino Art Piece....winner is

Seven left comments for my domino/key art piece giveaway. This morning I put numbers 1-7 into a basket, and I had my friend draw out a winner. The number that was pulled out was 1. Vic, you left the first comment and so the domino/key is yours. Please email me your mailing info. . Thanks to all who entered.

Vic..I mailed your giveaway Friday, March 31.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laurel Burch Cat fabric hearts

Over a year ago I made fiber filled hanging hearts for a Christmas swap. While I was creating the hearts I cut out numerous fabric heart shapes for fronts and backs, and at the time I didn't end up using  all of the fabric pieces.
Yesterday afternoon while going thru my sewing cabinet, in a drawer I came across the stack of the cut out heart shaped fabric pieces. I decided to finish a few of the hearts.
I chose the Laurel Burch cat fabric. The blue heart I cut out a cat  and ironed it onto the blue fabric.  The finished hearts can be used as ornaments or just for decoration on a door knob or where ever you chose to hang the heart.
Fronts:heart hanging pillows LB fronts
Backs:heart hanging pillows LB backs
I still have a lot more heart shapes to finish up into hanging heart pillows.  

I took a walk around the yard today, and found some of my crocus blooming in my rock garden by the fish pond. I love crocus, and decided to change my blog header photo again, but instead of my first daffodils of the season, I am using a photo of my first crocus. Aren't the crocus pretty? Daffodils and crocus blooming in the yard, and it is warm and sunny today, but Friday we are suppose to have  rain/snow.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Break out the Mod Podge

I bought a case with a handle that had a magnetic strip to keep the lid closed, at a salvage store a few years back. The case looked like a purse and it was suppose to have an assortment of note cards inside. Most of the cards were gone, and the container/purse was marked down  to $1.00, if I remember correctly. I didn't like the cards, or the front design on the container when I bought it. I thought the case could be up cycled into a purse or gift box. So, today was the day I decided to alter my inexpensive purchase.
Before photo:
mod podge purse before
I went thru my 12 x 12 scrapbook paper stacks and selected two sheets of cardstock. I traced around the front panel of the case to make a pattern for the front and back.  Next, I coated the front and back with Mod Podge, and added my cut out cardstock. I did the same for the bottom. I have yet to cut the shanks off of some buttons to be used as feet so the purse bottom won't get scratched.                                                                                                                  I then cut out a  piece of felt with my Big Kick die cutter and used a flower Tim Holtz die. I stapled the felt flowers in the center, and glued the back of the felt with fabric Mod Podge to adhere the flower to the front of the purse. For the center of the flower I added a flattened bottle cap with a photo of a  little girl that I had punched out with a 1 inch punch. I then coated the top of the bottle cap with Dimensional Magic. I didn't want to rely on just the magnetic closure so I  drilled a hole at the top of the purse, and then the front panel to secure a large tubular bead and loop.
Close up of the front:
mod podge purse3.11
Finished purse: 7 ' length x 8 ' width
mod podge pursefull view.3.11
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Domino Art Piece ..Give away

 First thing...maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but I changed the photo on my blog header. The swans with the ice and snow were pretty, but I am so tired of winter.  I decided to use my first daffodils to bloom for a spot of color.

Now, on to the giveaway....
Domino Key art
Domino Key art2

Here is another small domino that I stamped on, and applied a coating to protect the stamped image. I had an old car key that was silver colored, but I didn't want the key to stay silver. I guess it really didn't matter much, as most of the key is now covered, except for the back. I gave the key a coat of gold paint , and a coat of the dimensional magic in sepia color. I glued the domino to the key and then added tiny rust and gold seed beads. In the keys opening I added a ribbon to use as a necklace, but with the key opening the piece could be hung from anything as an embellishment.
Do you like this piece? Do you have a use for this piece? Then, it could be yours. Leave a comment telling me what you would do with this domino/key if your name is chosen.
PLEASE...leave  me an email address in your comment so I can contact you if are the winner of this piece. Thanks! :-)
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Found a wonderful scrapbook store

Cleared the snow off the car this morning,  picked up a friend and off we went to a scrapbook store in Rockland, MA...The Crop Shop. I had heard really good things about this large store, but had never been there. Geesh, I didn't know what I had been missing.  WOW, what an awesome store, and I knew that I was in deep trouble the moment I walked thru door.  We were greeted first thing by such friendly staff and the owner, and then are given a tour thru all the rooms explaining the store. I didn't know where to start...I wanted everything. (LOL) I just couldn't believe how helpful and pleasant everyone was and the amount of product and samples.
The store is 4,000 sq. feet jam packed with goodies. Rooms for different holidays and subjects, lots of Tim Holtz stuff, Graphic 45 papers, Ranger products, a wall of gorgeous ribbons, 7 Gypsies, and so much more. I bought the Tim die cut of the dress form, and a Sizzex die cut with birds. There was so much to look at and the samples thruout the store were outstanding. I ended up spending over $100 and will definitely be going back, because I saw so much more that I want to get.

I bought a lot of Graphic 45 papers. I have been looking for a source for these without ordering online, and I sure found an awesome selection, and bought many. There was also a clearance room with papers, stamps, stickers. A huge classroom with a small sewing machine, Cricut, Zutter, Big Kick or Shot, I can't remember which, anyway the classroom was well equipped, and I believe I was told that  the store had 7 bathrooms...can you imagine? :-)
If you live in the area or are visiting, take some time to visit this wonderful shop. You won't be sorry as you will thoroughly enjoy the time spent shopping/visiting. won't leave empty handed. :-) I know I sure didn't.
Crop Shop honored ,

After we left the Crop Shop, I caught the highway to the next exit to Hanover. I wanted to stop at Joann's to look for fabric. And then we went next door to Michael's to see what they had for beads.  On the way home we made a quick stop to pick up a few groceries and then we went out to lunch.
It is still snowing, but it isn't accumulating on the ground like it did overnight. I did see 2 forsythia bushes in bloom in my travels today. So pretty especially since it was snowing all day long and I couldn't believe that they were blooming so early.
All in all I had a wonderful day. Now, to use some of what I bought and get creating.

So glad that I don't have to think about what I will be making for supper tonight. Who wants to cook when you have so many new toys to play with. Glad that I have left over stuffed cabbage and homemade apple pie that I made yesterday to have for our dinner tonight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wild Haired Woman

beaded clay wild haired lady pin
I guess Wild Haired Woman would apply to me many times when I look in the mirror. I always say in my next life all I would like different is nice hair, with no cowlicks. Actually what I am refering to here is my polymer clay pin, but it could be any of us with the March winds blowing.
I made the body sometime back, but just never got around to completing my pin.
I conditioned my black polymer clay, and rubber stamped into the clay. I then cut the clay into a triangle shape. Then, inserted a pointed metal clay tool thru the clay to make the hole for the wires to go thru. I removed the metal tool, and then baked the clay triangle in my craft dedicated toaster oven. When the clay was cool I brushed Pearl Ex over the top of the baked clay and coated it with a clear gloss coat to seal the piece.
Next, I had to select my beads... a black round bead for the head, small black tube and green seed beads, and black wire. I threaded the cut wires thru the body for the head and for the arms and legs. Wrapping wire around the bead that was used for the head. Added beads to for the hair, and on the arms and leg wires, curled the wire to finish off my Wild Haired Woman pin.

Do you craft in spurts? Lately, I just done as many paper art projects. I know, I am all over the place when I sit down to do a projects. I get an idea, and I run with it, maybe you know how that goes too. Not always a good thing, because I seem to have way to many things going on at the same time...just saying.

How many small appliances and tools do you have that are only used for crafting? I have so many doubles...appliances for the kitchen and then appliances that I only use for my crafts...blender ( for paper making), toaster oven (for clay and shrink plastic), pasta machine (clay), silicone ice cube trays for UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder), and the list goes on and on.
While digging in boxes I came across a seal a meal that I bought at a yard sale years back. At one time I made a lot water cards and just had to have one. Since the seal a meal is out where I can now see it, maybe I should make a few water cards, but maybe not...who knows.

Well, gotta run. I am going to use my real oven for cooking this afternoon. I am making stuffed cabbage and have to get peeling apples for a homemade apple pie. I will be bringing dinner to my parents.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dream Time Domino Necklace

This morning when I was down in the basement doing laundry, I started digging around in my craft boxes. I came across a package of the small domino's.  I brought the domino's upstairs and started gathering other items to create an art necklace.
I used one of my Tim Holtz keys, but you could use any old key, or even recycle one of those keys that come thru the mail from car dealers.                                                                                                              
I then took out 2 of my Fresco ink pads that I always color my domino's with, a tube of sepia colored dimensional magic, black ink pad, heat gun, a favorite Stamper's Anonymous rubber stamp and multicolored gold leaf flakes and a ball chain necklace.
key necklace supplies1  key necklace supplies
I first dabbed on the Fresco inks onto the top and sides of my domino. Set the ink with my heat gun. Then I inked up my rubber stamp and placed my small domino on the section of the stamp that I wanted to use. I chose the clock and writing. Perfect size rectangles for these little domino's. Next, heat set the black ink. I then put a little glue onto the bottom section of the domino that had the writing, and pressed  gold leaf flakes into the glue. When the glue was dry, I covered the top of the domino with a layer of the sepia dimensional magic. When the DM was dry, I glued the domino to the front of my Dreams Key and added the ball chain necklace. I named this necklace Dream Time because the key has Dreams on it and the domino has a clock image. Finished piece is approximately 2 inches long.

key necklace2      key necklace1

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spot of Color

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was warm and sunny, but very windy. Today, it is again very windy, gray, cold and cloudy, but when I went out this morning, what did I see by the foundation near my kitchen steps, an oh so welcome sight. Bright spots of color. Yes, my favorite little daffodils. My Tete Tete's decided to open up. My son, Steven gave me these daffodils for Easter many years ago. After the plant finished blooming, and the leaves had died back, I planted the bulbs near the foundation by the  kitchen steps. The spot where I planted the bulbs gets a lot of morning sun and because the bulbs are near the foundation the soil is always warmer, and these daffodils are always the first to bloom in my yard.  Yesterday I noticed that the buds on the plant were swollen, but they weren't open. I have some more Tete Tete daffodil plants that the buds are just starting to show some color, but aren't quite open yet.  The rest of the daffodils in the back and side yards are just breaking ground. I just love daffodils, don't you?  But, to have them open up and flower on the eve of the first day of spring really brought a smile to my face. We have endured a long, cold, hard winter.
daffodils tete tete3.19.2011 daffodils closeup 1st. 3.19.11
Tonight there will be a worm moon (a super full moon that is bigger and brighter). I will have to remember to look out around 7:15 p.m. when the moon will be at it's biggest and brightest. Read about the Worm Moon or do a google search as there are many sources on the internet.
When I looked out this morning there was a flock of robins in the backyard. We do have some robins that winter over in our area, but this was a big flock. I have also seen large flocks of red wing blackbirds and grackles. Another sure sign that spring is coming. 
I didn't do any crafty projects today, but my daughter in law, Robin, who is a Creative Memories consultant, is having a crop tonight. So, I am going and hopefully I will get some more  scrapbook pages done in my Florida book.
Had to add this photo 3/21/2011...taken Monday afternoon. What a difference  two days make. It started snowing around noon today and it is a wet snow. The snow is starting to accumulate now.
daffodils 2011 in the snow
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today was gorgeous...sunny, and in the 60' was so nice to have the windows open to let in the fresh air and for those who went to parades, a perfect day. I want to wish everyone a  Happy St. Patrick's Day. On March 17th, everyone is Irish for the day or so they say.
My husband is Irish and English, but I have no Irish blood in me at all. My dad's family came from Finland and my mom's from Canada. So, I am Finnish/French Canadian/American.  To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I did wear a green top and green earrings..does that count? :-)

My cousin that I loved like a brother, when he was alive would tell me I had to celebrate St. Urho's Day which is celebrated on March 16th. I had never heard of St. Urho's Day until he mentioned it  as my dad and grandfather never spoke of it.  And, I guess it only came into being in the 50's and is a tongue in cheek made up holiday just for fun....who knew.  (LOL)   But for a laugh there are several sites if you want to do a google search or you can see one of  the site that I googled here....
I made these two St. Patrick 4 x 4's to send out for a swap for AAWA (An Affair with Art). Using rubber stamps, ribbon and shamrock embellishments. The backs were stamped too, but I didn't take a photo before I mailed them out.
4 x 4 St. Patricks Day2 4 x 4 St. Patricks DayLucky
If you are having a corned beef and cabbage dinner tonight...enjoy! We will be having our corned beef dinner on Sunday at my son and daughter in laws house.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

White Button Bracelet

I happened to be  going thru a dish of beads this morning that originally held the oval jump rings that I used on the first button bracelet that I started the other day. I had run out of the jump rings, or so I thought, but while digging around in the bead dish I  found  a  few more that were buried under the beads.     I was then able to finish the bracelet that I started the other day without making a trip to Joann's on this rainy day.
After I took the enlarged photos I noticed that I need to go back and close a few of the oval  jump rings a little tighter. I hadn't noticed this in natural light, because it is so dark and gloomy. button bracelet white2 button bracelet white silver
I may add some buttons or charms to hang from the jump rings. Will have to try that and see how I like it. I was pleased with how my button bracelet turned out, and it is so very light.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buttons, Buttons...whose got Buttons

Well, I do. I love buttons, and I have them in old metal screw top canning jars, and I also filled a clear lamp base with buttons.  I bought a box of white buttons for $2.00 at a salvage type store a few years ago. When I bought them I didn't have a clue what I would do with them, but that is nothing new. If something is a bargain, and I think I may have a use for it...well, it just seems to jump into my shopping cart and come home with me.  I also bought several sandwich baggies of colored buttons for 50 cents each on the same day. Sorting out buttons I didn't have enough buttons in the same color family to make I wanted.  So, on to plan B.
As you can see below...I really got a lot of white buttons for the $2.00.
button box w. cover button box
This afternoon I guess I wanted to drive myself crazy with a button project, because that is what happened. OMG!!! I should have stopped but, oh no, silly me...I kept on going.
I started out stacking some buttons in shades of purple for a necklace. Layed out a design and started stringing, but I finally gave up for the time being.
 First try the coated wire I used was too thick. Second attempt...wire was too thin. The buttons just wouldn't stay overlapped and stay on the correct side, they kept flipping over as I strung them onto the wire. So, I just left the necklace undone on a strand of coated wire for the time being until I can get tiger tail wire instead of trying to use coated wire. I am also thinking a heavy quilting thread might work. Hopefully I will get this necklace finished. Will I ever wear it, who knows, but I wanted to try making one.
Thank goodness for reading glasses, because I thought I would go blind trying to get the wire thru all those small button holes.
button necklace
Then, I wanted to use some of the metal buttons that I had. Same story...not the correct wire for the project. I did finish the bracelet, but I will redo the bracelet when I get the tiger tail wire and the correct color toggle. The only toggles I had on hand were shiny and the buttons are more of a gun metal gray . I made a pair of earrings from the buttons to go with the bracelet. I don't know if I will make a necklace with these buttons, but who knows. Will just have to see how many buttons I have left of these buttons.
button bracelet.earrings
I started a button bracelet yesterday using some of the smaller two holed white beads yesterday, but I ran out of large oval jump rings. So, that project is sitting unfinished too.

When the bead store in Plymouth was having their closing sale I bought a lot of wood beads that normally sold for $5.50 each, but I paid $2.00 for a bagful. I made these horse head beads into earrings for my friend from nursing school, as she has always loved horses. I also made one of the beads to be hung from a necklace. The wooden beads are about 1  1/2 inches long.
earrings horse heads
Well, I hope that you had a more productive craft day than I did.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Necklace and earring set

I started working on the necklace below yesterday, but I ran into many problems. First I couldn't find my copper findings. Finally, I found them. Chose my beads, and the coated copper bead wire. 
At  Michael's on Saturday, I found a seashell focal piece that I thought would go really nicely with some beads I had at home, as it is a rose copper colored metal.
I am saddened that the bead store that I use to go to in Plymouth recently closed as I use to go there every couple of weeks.
At that store,  I only bought 1 strand of kidney bean shaped, dark coppery brown beads that I used in the necklace, and I really needed a second strand. When I bought these beads over a year ago I had no idea what I would use them for.  I hate when that happens as it is frustrating when you are 1/2 way finished with a project and run out beads that you are using.  After reworking the necklace I knew there wasn't going to be enough to make a bracelet.. It takes me more time to design than to complete a beaded project. I chose Swarovski crystal beads to use as spacer beads. The color of the crystals are a light amber with a AB coating of pink, so they look coppery. I also used beads that were two toned..copper and silver, and some smaller beads that are dark with copper. 
The beads came off the wire when the necklace was almost completed, not once, not twice, but three times. Felt like pulling out my hair and there was some mumbling under my breath.
Here is my finished necklace and earring set.
copper earrings copper necklace2
I also am working on a button bracelet, but ran out of large oval jump another trip to Joann Fabrics will have to be made this week so I can finish that project. Will post a photo of it when I am finished.
My son sent me this picture this afternoon. My 17 year old granddaughter started her first day of work today. McDonald's newest employee. In this picture it looks like she is thinking...okay, Dad...just take the picture and be done with it.

 Katies first day at work3.2011
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Sew what

I decided to make another small fabric hanging piece this morning. In the Art Haven yahoo group swap that I joined;  partners were assigned yesterday. I am to send to Eileen. Eileen can have her pick of all of the fabric and paper hanging quilties that I created  and are on my blog.
This morning's project started off with another  piece of upholstery fabric as the base. I ran a  zigzag stitch around the edges. On a piece of thick kraft colored card stock I glued a section of pattern tissue onto the card stock.  I  cut down a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper that had a image of a dress form on it. The dress form is glittered in  bronze, this was glued over the pattern tissue. After looking at the piece, and trying to decide what to do next. I thought of adding a strip of fabric that looks like a yard stick/ruler. I stitched that fabric piece onto the bottom of the card stock. I glued a Scrabble tile...E to the right bottom corner. Then, I took out my crop o dile and punched holes in the fabric/cardstock at the top and secured the eyelets.  Chose some sheer brown ribbon to hang the piece from. Using gold toned buttons I rubbed on some Jax gilding paste in the color, African Bronze. The buttons were glued to the ribbon and eyelets opening.  I added another button using the same gilding paste to dull down the shine, and that was glued to the top of the  dress  form.
fabric collage for Eileen
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Ahead.. among other things

Today was just a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the 50's, and the snow is finally all melted and gone in the yard. Yeah!!!!! There are still some piles of snow around from where the plows pushed big piles after the winter storms and it will probably be awhile for those big piles to melt. My daffodils near the kitchen steps foundation are now about 5 inches high. Can't wait for them to bloom. Is spring really just around the corner? I sure hope so.

Today, since it was such a lovely day, I took a friend and we went for a ride to a few craft stores. In our travels I found a small quilt shop that was having a 20% off sale as it is going out of business. I didn't buy much, though.  It is so sad to see small businesses closing their doors. At Michaels, I picked up a few beads. Like I really needed anymore beads, but hey, they were half price and I couldn't resist. :-)

While we are sleeping tonight, the time changes...spring ahead 1 hour, and so the clocks will all need to be adjusted, and I always do that before heading off to bed. I hate when the time changes, as it takes me several weeks to get adjusted. I wish time time just stayed the same all year long, not going ahead and back. How about you, do you like the when the time changes?

Tom, showed me this cartoon that was in last nights newspaper, and I thought it was really funny. It could be me looking out that living room window at the bird feeder telling that to Tom. Maybe, I got such a laugh was because all winter 8 fat squirrels found a way to eat in my supposedly squirrel proof feeders.
comic strip squirrels

Oh, I have mentioned before that I have been feeding a stray kitty. We hadn't seen the stray kitty that I have been feeding since last spring for several days, and then the last few days, kitty was back and has been coming closer and closer to us. It even runs when I call kitty, kitty. In fact, she is now standing on her hind legs looking into the house thru our glass kitchen storm door and also the kitchens back sliding door. This morning stray kitty almost was brave enough to come into the house. She got her front paws and half of her body into the kitchen, before she chickened out and ran back out the door that I had left open part way. Hopefully I will be able to get her to come inside soon. Then I can get kitty to the vet to have her/him spayed or neutered.
Well, that's it for today...hope you have a wonderful weekend. elaine signature3

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Give away..sewing machine are

I put everyone's name who left a comment to win sewing machine charms into a basket. While at my parents the other day I had them draw out names. So, if the following would send me an  email with your mailing info I will get the little sewing machine charms out in the mail to you.

Debi..left a message on blog
Sharon...package will be going out in the mail.
Barbara...your charms were mailed out today. March 11th.

Debi and Sharon...I checked your blogger profile pages and you both had no way to contact you by email.  Sharon, I couldn't get your blog to fully load to leave a message. Hopefully, you will check back and see that you won and email me your addresses.
Thanks to everyone who left comments.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OWOH...door prize art doll arrives

This is my 2nd post for today. What a wonderful mail day today was. I received my 3rd. and last door prize from the OWOH blog event.  My little art doll from Wilma Simmons took a long journey. My art doll travelled all the way from Australia to Massachusetts. I took several photo's, but had a very hard time getting one that really showed how lovely this small doll and baby that is on a stick truly is.Wilma...I absolutely love my doll and I will cherish it. WOW!! This is really so pretty.
art doll owoh2  art doll owoh3  art doll owoh1
art decoupaged paper doll1
Click here: Much ADO About Art Dolls: OWOH winners for 2011!!
to see the doll Wilma's donated I won. Wilma also has her own blog.
Wilma's blog is
Then, I opened another package from Paula from the yahoo group, Art Haven. I joined a St. Patrick's tag swap. Thanks for the RAK of the K&C tag book, and lovely tag. I love both.
St. Patricks day tag from Paula arthaven St. Patricks day tag from Paula arthaven2
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