Sunday, May 30, 2010

My yard project for today

As I wrote in an earlier note, I have been pulling roots of bittersweet and trumpet vine that took over the driveway side flower garden along our fence. I've wanted to tackle that wasted space and those vines for the past several years, but I kept putting that job off, because I knew it would be a back breaker. I regret that decision now. Tom, can't help me dig, pull, or do heavy work, because he has back problems.
Finally, this spring I decided the time was now. I couldn't stand to look at those vines any longer. I love that that space won't be wasted now, and I get to have more flowering plants to decorate the yard.
After many hours over several day of yanking roots, I've  finally made headway. I think I got most of those tenacious roots out. Well, hopefully at least for the time being. I know more plants will sprout from the roots that I missed. Some of the roots I yanked out are over 4 feet long and 2 inches thick. The roots are very hairy looking with lots of tiny side roots that go off in every direction.
 I will just have to pull  out the new plants/roots, as they break thru the ground. I just hope there's not to many of them that decide to come back. Why can't plants grow as well as weeds and invasive plants do in our gardens and yards?
The weekends landscaping project turned into a bigger and harder job than I first imagined.
 I went outside around 10 a.m this morning, and started turning the soil over to get it ready for planting.  So far, I've accomplished approximately 2/3's the length of the fence. I then planted 2 small clematis plants, and a annual vine, Mandovilla that has a white trumpet flower. At least, I think that is what the plant is called.
I brought out my gladiola bulbs, and dahlia tubers as they need to get into the ground too, but I will finish up the planting  job tomorrow.
 It is a beautiful day. Very warm, and sunny, and there is no breeze to speak of. Just not so great for digging.

I had to come in and take a break. My body felt like I was overheating. My face was really red and I was tired. Digging is a lot of work in the soil that hasn't been turned over in a very long time. There were a lot of   small rocks to be removed too.
The picture below shows the area I dug and smoothed out. I still have more to do along the fence. You can see the  bags of bulbs waiting for me to go back outside and get them planted.  I had to use a spading fork to break up the hard ground after I removed as many of the roots as I could. Not an easy task, because the spading fork just found more of those spidery roots. I have dumped 3 wheelbarrow loads of the roots.
1st picture.... shows a part of the area along the fence that I turned over by hand
 2nd picture.. some of those obnoxious roots
 3rd picture...smoothed area waiting for the bulbs that are waiting to be planted.

I  also finished my first blue and white glass garden totem, and decided to put it in the new cleaned space. I have been collecting pieces of glass for several weeks now. I found several pieces of inexpensive glass in thrift stores and yard sales. My first garden totem has a blue and white oriental porcelain base that in another life was a candle holder. That blue and white piece was my first find, and so I had to hunt for pieces of blue glass to use with it. I used E-6000 to glue the glass pieces together. To the base I glued a heavy dark blue tumbler, and on top of  that a small blue glass candle votive. I finished my totem off with a heavy, clear glass soup bowl that has a fruit design  etched into the underside. I decided to put a plant in the bowl for added weight. Just until I am sure the glue is thoroughly dried. I'm not sure if I will fill the bowl with bird seed or use it for a small bird bath.
 Below is my first garden totem. The picture of the totem with the plant I noticed was on uneven ground when I was downloading my pictures. I will have to straighten that out when I go back outside.
  I'm pretty happy with how the totem turned out. What do you think? You should make one for your yard.  Thanks again, Shelly Rae for the garden totem idea that you shared. I want to make a few more to put in other area's around the yard.

Now, that I've had a nice cold, glass of ice tea, and sat at my computer, and blogged for a bit, I have cooled down. So, I need to get offline, and get back to planting those bulbs.
 I want to get this project done before the weather gets any hotter. The sooner the bulbs get planted, the sooner I will be able to enjoy their beautiful blossoms. Oh, and this morning,  I also noticed that some of my lavender plants in the back yard are starting to bloom, and my hydrangea's are loaded with buds.
Many of those hydrangea in the past had never bloomed since I put them in the ground several years back.
Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick and Easy Envelope corner bookmark's for a online swap

This week has been very busy for me.  Recap.
My new granddaughter was born early Monday morning. If you have been to my blog this week, then you already know this, but bear with me. We are all beyond excited with our new arrival. Izabella is our miracle baby. Her daddy almost died from cancer, and he was told he would never father children. Several years later we are blessed, and Izabella looks so much like her daddy.

Went to see the baby, and then I took my parents to put flowers on all the graves Monday afternoon and Tuesday. Wednesday, I spent all day at my mother's doctor's office, as she had to have a stress test.
 Thursday, was the first day I had to myself, and I ended up going grocery shopping. Oh, how fun...not!!! I hate grocery shopping.
Yesterday, Friday...I went with my friend, Betty Ann and we bought some balloons to put on the lamp post at my son and daughter in laws house. We wanted to surprise  Robin and welcome her and  Izabella home. Baby Izabella and Robin were discharged from the hospital late in the afternoon instead of the morning as planned.
In the afternoon I again  ran to the grocery store, and bought a few things for Steven and Robin's supper so they wouldn't have to cook, as they were both very tired.
Yesterday, was also a  fun mail day for me. I received my fabric package from Lenna. I won the handpainted fabric in her blog contest.
I will get all of my blog giveaways mailed out on Tuesday. I apologise to all for not getting them mailed sooner. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully, things will settle down here.
 I was finally able to sit down and make some envelope corner bookmarks last night  for a quick and easy swap that I signed up for.
 I cut the sealed envelopes so they would have a 4 inch side. That way the bookmark would stay put on the page. I just did some basic stamping, rubbed the edges of the envelopes with ink, and stippled some ink on my envelopes and fancy cut the bottoms. I started off with colored envelopes that had been down cellar, and had sealed shut from dampness. Perfect for this project. I just added a bit more glue to the part of the flap that needed attaching.
I made two butterfly and two beach themed bookmarks. Now, to get them mailed out to my two partners.

Today, Saturday.. was a beautiful, sunny and warm day. It is now getting dark and cloudy, the wind is picking up.We are suppose to be getting thunderstorms. I hate thunder and lightening.
The rest of Memorial Day weekend is suppose to be really nice. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe and remember those in our armed services past and present.

Gorgeous double white Clematis

My good friend, Betty Ann, has growing in her flower garden the most gorgeous, double, white clematis.
I haven't been able to find a double white, only the double light lavender. I just love her plant. So, I continue my quest, hoping that I can find one for my yard.
I have been doing more yard work, and today I bought a couple of metal trellis's for my clematis.
The yard is starting to look good, but I still have a lot of weeding to do in my back flower garden. are picture's of Betty Ann's clematis.

fully opencloseup just opened

                                         climbing up the support of the telephone pole

Don't you think this flower is beautiful? I love it!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our New Little Red Sox Fan

Our son sent us this  picture last night via his cell phone from the hospital. I thought it was so cute. I hope Izabella  sleeps this peacefully once she gets home from the hospital.

 Red Sox Fan Izabella

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SteamPunk Jewelry

I thought I would share with you a friends blog.  Nina Owens is a very talented  friend of mine that lives in Texas.  What a wonderful mixed media artist she is. Nina was featured on the HGTV show...That's Clever, a few years back, where she made a a collage.
Nina creates some fun dolls, clay pieces, and  does some absolutely, wonderful beaded pieces. You name it, she can do it. Check out her blog, and see her latest creations.  I usually don't care for SteamPunk, jewelry, but I really like the bracelet Nina created, and put on her blog. 
Anyway, take the time to check out her blog, you won't be sorry.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Introducing…Our New Granddaughter…..Izabella Marie Akers

I haven’t been able to post on my Google blogspot blog in several days. I don’t know what the problem is. On my edit page I can do everything, but post a new message or edit a message. So, tonight I am  trying Window’s Live for the first time. Don’t have a clue on how anything works with that program.

My daughter in law was scheduled to have a C section later in the week, but baby Izabella was having none of that, waiting for her birth to be scheduled. Last night my daughter in law’s water broke, and Steven and Robin made the trip to the hospital.  Izabella entered the world this morning at 1:41 A.M.  Mom, Dad and baby are doing well. We are all relieved that our little miracle has arrived. Our new granddaughter weighed in at 8.6 pounds, and was 20 inches long.

This morning, Tom and I drove to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth to meet our new grandbaby. I took a ton of pictures, but I haven’t had a chance to download many of them yet. Our new granddaughter has really chubby cheeks, and she looks so much like her daddy.

Today has been crazy busy. After coming back home this morning, I drove my parents and aunt to the Cape
to put flowers on the graves for Memorial Day. Tomorrow, I will be taking them to put flowers on  the graves in Fairhaven and New Bedford.

I will try and download more pictures of our precious, new granddaughter as soon as I can, but here are a few for now. Bella, has already melted my heart.

Izabella 2

Mom and baby shortly after her birth.Izabella Marie Akers

izabella sucking thumb 

Sucking her thumb. Just like her daddy did.

izabella steven robin

Izabella with Daddy and Mommy

izabellai n bassinet 

Sleeping peacefully.

Clematis in my backyard

 clematis purple clematispurpledouble clematispurpleredstripe

I wanted to post a few pictures of the clematis that are blooming in my yard the other day, but couldn’t. So, I am adding the pictures tonight. I love the new double one that is in the middle.

Well, it’s been a very long day, and I am really tired.  I am watching the Boston Celtics. Drats!!! The Celtic’s lost. 

Oh, and more wonderful news. Tonight I found out in an email that I won, a prize on Lenna’s blog.

My prize was hand painted fabric that Lenna painted. This has been just the most awesome day!!!!!  That’s it for today, I am off to bed.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little fabric art book and a few more fabric ATC's

I took out the sewing machine this afternoon with all intentions of making a few more fabric Artist Trading Cards that I need to get done for my giveaway, but I got side tracked and ended up making a little book. 
Do I have a use for this book? Of course, I don't. I don't seem to keep much of anything I make. Do you? But, not having a use for something, and making it anyway is what I do. :-)
I cut muslin fabric into approximately 6  1/2"  x 6  1/2 " squares. After ironing the fabric I pounced with a brush several colors of Encore' metallic pigment inks onto the fabric. The colors that I used were...burgundy, blue, green, purple, pink and peach. I forgot I had those ink pads. Then I watered down some gold Lumiere paint and spattered gold flecks onto the fabric with a fan brush.
I stamped several images on the cover, back cover and on some of the pages in the book with Memories and Stazon inks.
Thought the cover needed more color so I added a silk flower with a copper button in the center.
I was going to stitch the binding by hand, but since the sewing machine was out I zigzag stitched the book pages together, and now I have to finish pulling threads for a fringed edge.
Art can be added to the inside pages by gluing images or whatever in the book. I don't know why the scanned image shows wavy lines in the material, because I don't see them when I look at the fabric.
After making the book, I did go back to the sewing machine, and made the bird atc's. I also made another mermaid. I couldn't resist.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Card I made with my new mermaid stamp

 I bought a new stamp of a mermaid over the weekend. I wanted to ink up the new stamp and make a card with it today. Nothing fancy, just a quick and easy card.
 I glued  the cut out stamped and colored mermaid image onto some of the new beach themed scrapbook paper that I also bought over the weekend.
 I used colored pencils to color the mermaid, and rubber stamped the Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul.  Added a sheer polka dotted ribbon, and a shell charm to complete the card.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cape Cod Getaway

I left Thursday morning, to spend a few days in Yarmouth with my cousins. I always have a great time when I go to Cape Cod for mini vacations. I love visiting the small shops, quilt stores, thrift stores and of course going to the beaches and eating delicious seafood. I live less than an hour from my cousin's, but I always enjoy my visits.
After, I cross the Bourne Bridge I travel down Route 6A. 6-A is scenic and has lots of lovely old homes. The scenery is always beautiful no matter what season it is. Traveling the back roads of the Cape is the only way to see how the Cape use to be, before it got so commercialized. The old half houses, picket fenced yards, stone walls, pretty.
I made a stop at Tumbleweeds, quilt shop on 6-A on my way to Yarmouth. The wisteria was absolutely beautiful climbing on the wooden trellis as you enter the shop. Wisteria can be found blooming all over the Cape this time of year, and you can see it growing wild on the sides of the road.

closeup of the wisteria flowers

At Tumbleweed's I bought 2 quarter yards of owl fabric, needles to use with metallic thread for my sewing machine, a container of gold and silver Lumiere paints, and 29 little bits, which are 1/8 yard fabric pieces for 50 cents each. I found 10 of these in Batik fabric's. I love these little bits, because they are great for using for applique's and fabric ATC's.

With my cousin we hit several thrift shops so I could look for old lace, fabric, glass for garden totems, embellishments or whatever caught my eye to use in my art.
I didn't find much this time in the way of old lace, but I did find a large piece of off white wool that had a small stain, some small plaid pieces of wool. I use the wool for felting projects. I want to try making some small penny rugs with the wool that I have collected over the past couple of years. I also found an old hankerchief, and a small crocheted doily. The small pieces of wool and the large white wool piece came to a dollar, the hankchief was 50 cents, and the stained doily was 25 cents. I was thrilled with my bargains.
I also picked up the new Touring the Thrift Shops of Cape Cod brochure. The brochure tells the hours and shops addresses of thrift stores in the different towns on the Cape.

I have been looking for glass ware lately. I want to create some glass garden totems, bird baths and bird feeders with the pieces. An online friend, Shelly Rae, showed us some of the wonderful pieces she and her husband have created.
 The glass/porcelain  in the photo below are pieces I have found over the past couple weekends. I did find a small blue plate in a thrift shop while I was on the Cape. I found a vase with swirled colors in a Saver's store in Plymouth last Wednesday that is beautiful. The pieces have ranged in price from 25 cents to $2.00. I still need to find more pieces and pieces to use for toppers. I will add the finished pieces in my flower garden in the back yard.

I also stopped at Colorful Creations, on Main St, Hyannis. I love this scrapbook store as the owner carries a great selection of paper, stamps, and all kinds of supplies. I was looking for new Tim Holtz products, but I didn't find any new items, as their new product shipment hasn't arrived yet.
 At the store, I did buy 2 small stamps that were 75% off.  I also bought a mermaid stamp. So, between the ocean/beach themed papers, and finding a mermaid stamp that I didn't have, I was happy.
I always like finding new beach themed papers, and mermaid images.

My cousin, her mom and I also took a ride to several of the nearby beaches. Friday turned out to a gorgeous day in the afternoon. The ocean was so blue, and the beach sand warm and beautiful. I love walking on the beaches with the wind in my face, and the smell of the ocean breeze, and hearing the gulls. 
 I saw beach plum shrubs in bloom at one of the marshes that we went to. When I was a child Beach plum bushes could be found everywhere there was sandy soil. My mother use to make Beach Plum jelly with the fruit, and it was so good.
I saw several Osprey nest. Their nest are built on high platforms in the marshes, or in the water. The nest are big and bulky, made up of  sticks that they keep adding to each year. I tried getting pictures, but the birds didn't
co operate by standing up in the nest so I get a picture of them. We have osprey here too, but I love watching them whenever I see them.

My cousin and I had planned on doing crafts while I visited, but that just never happened this time. We ended up just going shopping, eating out, and going to the beaches. I had a wonderful time while I was away, but then I always do when I spend time with my cousins. 
 I got back home after 8 p.m., last evening. I was afraid if I stayed away too long, I would come home and find that my husband had brought home a puppy. I'm still not ready to get another dog.
Hope you all had a nice weekend. I know I did.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yesterday's projects

Yesterday I worked on a few things as I was without my computer. The computer is fairly new, but for some reason the modem just stopped working. Bummer!
With no computer, I decided to work on some projects that I had been thinking about doing for some time.
I completed a bracelet and earrings set and also a ATC.
Then I rummaged thru some of my fabric stash, because I bought a new rubber stamp that I wanted to make a small fabric project with. I rubber stamped an owl image onto fabric. The owl isn't completely done yet. I'm not sure if I am going to make it into a pin or add it to a necklace. I'm leaning towards a pin. What do you think?
I want to at least add beads to the eyes to the little owl. The  owl is 2.5 inches high and 1.5 inches in width. I bought the owl stamp at Michael's for $2.49. A saying also came with the owl. The image is rubber with a cling backing that  you mount on an acrylic block. The same day I also bought another bird image from the same company.
For the ATC I added a small magnifying glass charm that I bought from a bead shop in Falmouth, MA a few years back. I bought several charms for 5 cents each. Fantastic bargain, don't you think? I punched a hole and used a brad to attach the charm to the ATC.
Late in the afternoon I started another bead project, a necklace, but I haven't finished it yet. I will post a picture when that is done.
My computer was back home last night, and is now working fine. Thank goodness.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments.  Come back soon as I am always adding something new.

Fabric Bird ATC's giveaway/ if you were one of the nine that left a comment PLEASE READ

I decided that all of the nine who left comments about my fabric bird ATC's last week would receive one of my fabric bird ATC's as a RAK. So, would the following please send me an email  at with your mailing address.
Wendy P, Diann S, Angie H, Sherri Auld, Dawn, Shirley, Carol's Crafts, Chris, Nancy B.
Thanks for your encouragement and nice comments. I hope you will enjoy the little fabric birds.
Have a great day and keep on creating fun things.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hummingbird's at my feeder

I put out 3 small hummingbird feeder's a few days ago, and the hummers found them the next day.
This afternoon we went to a cookout at my son's. When I got home I was busy taking in my plants off my deck, as the temperature is going to drop, and there will be a frost tonight. Today was sunny, but really chilly and very windy.
Anyway, while taking in plants I was getting buzzed by  hummingbirds as they chased each other away from the feeders. I ran into the house and got my camera, but the little birds are so fast, and the light was fading so the pictures that I snapped aren't the greatest.
But, here are a few pictures that I snapped off. Kind of blurry because I was trying to zoom in real close as the bird rested on my plant hanger. They love sitting on top of the hanger, and also on the tomato cages in the garden. I will post more pictures later when the birds aren't quite so spooked as when they first arrive and when there is a little more sun. I  hear the hummers before I see them, as they make a high pitched twitter.
The orioles around the yard have been serendading me for days. I have no idea where they make their nest every year, but I wish it was in my yard.
I love to listen to the birds in the spring. Don't you?
The cardinals around the yard are busy collecting nesting materials. The tufted titmouse is sitting on eggs in a nesting box.
And, I hadn't seen a scarlet tangager in years, and coming home from my mothers this afternoon I saw one dead on the side of the road. I was saddened to see that beautiful red and black male that must have flown into a car. :-(
Anyway...I will post more hummer pictures as I get them.
Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wonderful buys I found today while out shopping

I had to go to Plymouth this morning to see the dermatologist. I always hate going, because he always finds precancerous cells on my face, and then he has to freeze them off. The freezing part stings like HECK!!! Then the area that got blasted turns bright red, gets blistered for about a week before it heals. Yuck, but better than more surgery.

Anyway, before I headed to the doctor's I made a quick trip to Tuesday Morning. I found some great buys.
I bought a scrap booking/crafting tote with shoulder straps that has all kinds of pockets, a detachable key ring, padded camera pouch, cellphone, eye glasses and wallet pockets. Also has pockets on the outside. Inside...more Zippered pockets and large Velcro pockets. The tote was filled with 13 items...3 rolls ribbon, 2 clear stamps memories and create, floral metallic rub on's, 2 packages photo corners, chipboard words, chipboard clock faces, index tabs, journaling spots, a package of felt butterflies, a package of felt flowers, and a package of glossy chipboard pieces...price $19.99.
I also bought another package of  Tim Holtz grunge board alphabets with a 2nd package of circles attached for $7.99. I picked up 2 packages of clear  fall stamps 4 images per pack..$1.49, package of fall napkins for 49 cents, a 6 x 6 quilt template for $1.99, 5 clear containers of assorted colors of flowers for $1.99 each. I bought those more or less because I liked the containers.

I then headed to the doctors office. The doctor found a few precancerous spots on the tip of my nose and on my left checkbone under my eye. Got the area's zapped, and then on to Michaels looking like a drunk with the puffed up bright areas.
I bought some sterling silver earring wires, beads to match a lovely abalone with swirled sterling silver focal bead...pricey..glad I had a register receipt for 40% from last week.
KC&Company decorative lace square that was on clearance for $1.99, some accent rhinestones for $1, some Prima Flowers..large gold leaves on clearance for $1.99. I thought they would make pretty wings.
Clearance Hero Arts clear stamp set for $4.99, several packages  of stickers for 49 cents, a package of clear $1 stamps that has the word photos, and photo related sayings.
A clearance $2.99 package of 54 photo mats 4.5 x 6.5 scrapbook paper...My Minds Eye Home, a set of 3 wood mounted women's faces rubber stamps on clearance for $3.99. A large wood mounted stamp on clearance for $5.99,  a large square clear acrylic mount for $2.49 and a 2 stamp bird rubber set that uses the clear mount also for $2.49.

Then on to WalMart...where I bought some herbs...flat leaf parsley, basil, rosemary and dill.  I also bought a pink calla lilly plant, and 2 more clematis.
Couple more stops.. one to the Dollar buy bubble gum...fruit flavored Dubble Bubble..I love bubble gum. :-) I also found some nice stickers there and 2 packs of baseball card holders for use in a 3 ring binder for ATC's.
Then to pick up a prescription, and finally home.

I had a great day other than the stop at the doctors office. How about you...did you find any bargains today?
Now, to make my necklace and work on a few other projects that are rattling around inside my head.
Oh, almost forgot to mention. The hummingbirds are back and have found my feeders. Now to have the camera ready to get some pictures of the hummers.
Take care.
                                                         Goodies from Tuesday Morning
left...products inside of the tote                                         right...the other items I bought at TM

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Laurel Burch fabric cat hanging

I did this piece yesterday. I love Laurel Burch fabric as most of her fabrics have very vibrant colors. I especially love her cat and mermaid fabrics. Laurel Burch passed away last year, and so I'm not sure if her line of fabrics will still be produced for sale. I'm glad I still  have several fabric pieces with her mermaids and cats in my fabric stash.
I had difficulty photographing this hanging piece, and so the colors aren't quite right. I attached a silk flower pansy and to that I added a bumpy, orange glass vintage cabochon  that I bought many years ago, at a small bead store on Cape Cod, SMP. Unfortunately that shop is no longer in business. Susan, the owner had great vintage beads.
I needle felted angelina fibers around the cabochon. (unfortunately the sparkly fibers don't show up well in the photo), but if you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see the sparkly fibers.
 The Follow your Dreams is ribbon, and I used beads on the eyes.

My first bearded iris bloomed yesterday, and the orioles are back singing in my apple trees. I filled my hummingbird feeders, and I can't wait for the feisty little birds to return to my yard. My lilac's are in full bloom, and when the wind blows their scent fills the air with their heavenly scent. Lovely.
Have an awesome day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another fabric ATC

This morning it is cloudy, humid and rainy so I won't be outside to weed my flower beds. Since my sewing machine was still set up; I decided to make another fabric ATC while I was waiting for my laundry to finish.
I love anything to do with the sea, and I love mermaid art so that is where the inspiration came for this new project.
I added some curly fibers to represent seaweed, and then added a little shell, and rubber stamped the word goddess. The mermaid was cut out of a leftover piece of mermaid fabric that I had from a fabric covered lampshade that I made awhile back. See photo below.
I bought this lamp because it had a  base that was scallop shaped, and could be filled . The lamp is filled with shells that I picked off the beaches of Florida. As you can see, I liked the mermaid fabric so much I also made a table topper with the material. Everytime I find mermaid material...I buy it! :-)

Hope you have an artful day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sew Sunday..Fabric ATC Day

Last week I bought several pieces of batik fabric. I LOVE the batik fabrics, because they are so colorful.  Just yummy!
Today I thought I would make a few fabric ATC's using my new fabric. I also wanted to try out my new sewing machine for the first time.
 I haven't figured how everything works yet, as the new sewing machine is very different from my older machine. I guess it would help if I really read the instruction book first, but that would be too easy. Anyone else hate reading directions and like the trial and error method better, like me? :-)
The new machine had lots of fancy embroidery stitches and my old sewing machine doesn't. The stitching is messy on this first batch of ATC's, as I kept changing stitches frequently, and the needle seemed to be jumping around. I also haven't figured out the stitch lengths that I am aiming for. :-(
I probably should have practiced on scrap fabric before tackling a project.
I drew a  little bird pattern and cut out the birds in different fabrics to go with the background fabric they would be matched up with. I then attached the birds onto my fabric backgrounds.
I rubber stamped onto the ATC's with Stazon black ink, but it seemed to have bled somewhat.
 I then glued on silk flowers and jewels for embellishments.
I scanned my finished ATC's  instead of using my digital camera, and  they appear darker than they actually are. I'm also not sure why the pieces all look different in size when they were uploaded to my blog. I clicked on the small photo size. Strange.
Well, that's my creative spurt for the day. Hopefully my next fabric project using the decorative stitches will be better. I sure hope so. Leave a I am going to mail out these 7 fabric atc's as RAK's.