Sunday, August 17, 2014

Milk Glass finds

I especially love the hens on a nest 2 piece candy dishes

Westmoreland Patriotic Milk Glass Plate

Do you like milk glass? I happen to love milk glass and have collected it since I got married in the late 60's. I know many think it's old fashioned, but not to me. Anyway, for quite sometime time now I have been going to Salvation Army, Savers, thrift, yard sales, flea markets looking for inexpensive pieces of milk glass. On my most wanted list to find is a pedestal cake plate.  

Several times a week I stop at a Savers store to see if any new milk glass pieces have come in. Most visits I find 1 or 2 pieces that are very reasonably priced.

Here are a some other pieces that I have found this summer. I have more but haven't taken the pieces of the boxes yet.

large drink pitcher
candlesticks and cream pitcher
another grape design vase

basket  weave large vase

                           Below are some pieces that I bought earlier this year and I still haven't unpacked a lot more.


night light base

What do you collect? Has your collection gotten out of hand, as you can see mine has. :-)  How do you display the pieces in your collection/collections?


Barbara said...

Elaine, I love these, especially the ones with a little color to them along with the white milk glass. Now, where do you keep such an extensive collection? Surely, displayed on all those vintage sewing machines!! :)

Joanne Huffman said...

Lovely pieces.