Friday, May 27, 2011

Just rambling and photos of baby swans

I had time to sit and write for a couple of minutes this morning on my blog . I haven't really had much free time with everything going on.
My mom remains in the hospital, and will probably stay for another week. Yesterday was a very depressing day, because I had to start looking for permanent placement for my mom in a nursing home with an Alzheimer's unit.  Mom has quieted down, but is almost to quiet, and most of the time she just sits and stares. Mom does know us, but doesn't talk unless we ask her a question. My heart is breaking to see her this way, and to see my 92 year old dad's sadness.
After visiting hours I took my dad to a local Nursing Home to see what we thought of the one in town that has an Alzheimer unit. It was clean and didn't smell. The residents looked happy and were neat and clean. The facility is old, but well maintained. All of the rooms either have a lovely courtyard view or view of woods and flowering shrubs. 
Tomorrow is my parents 65 th wedding anniversary. Dad is having a hard time coming to terms with my mother's fast decline. They have known each other for 70 years, and would have married sooner if it hadn't been for WWII. I've been bringing my dad to the hospital everyday, and making his lunch and dinner.
As you can imagine..I've had no time for art or anything else, but I did want to share with you these lovely pictures that my niece took yesterday and shared on facebook. I captured the photos to share these wonderful photos with you.
Sarah, has a small pond in the back of her house that has had a pair of swans. The swans laid eggs in the nest and now there are 6 baby cygnets (prounounced signet) that hatched. Sarah, I love the photos you took.
 baby swans2
 baby swans3 baby swans 4
baby swans1
Here are some swan facts that I didn't know and maybe you didn't either. I found the facts on the internet last night and some of the terms really surprised me.
A male swan is called a cob, a female a pen, and a group of swans is called a herd. The term herd for birds really surprised me, how about you? Did you know that?
I hope you enjoyed the photos with the cute and fuzzy babies.
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Joanne Huffman said...

It's a perfect photos of the cycle of life, which fits in with what you and your mom and dad are going through. I am sending very positive thoughts for your mom's placement and a comfortable resolution for her, your dad and you.

Alicia said...

Oh Elaine, What amazing pictures of the Swan Family! I had never seen babies so this was much fun to read about and view! Thanks for sharing! *Hugs*