Friday, September 28, 2012

Wet harvesting of Cranberries- video

Cranberry Harvest Gerts bog 2011 3 machines 4 wet harvesting..machines knocking the ripe cranberries off of the cranberry vines. The berries float up, and are corralled into one corner of the bog to be suctioned up with a pump to a tractor trailer bed, and then brought to Ocean Spray. Cranberries that are wet harvested are used for juice, sauce and Craisins (sweetened dried cranberries)
If you follow my blog you know that my family are cranberry growers, and that we sell our cranberry crop to Ocean Spray. Click on this link..Cranberry Harvest video filmed by my niece , Sarah of her dad who is my older brother. In this short you tube video, Larry explains the wet cranberry harvest.
More photos of cranberries on my picture trail site in the  first album...cranberry
Yesterday as I was taking a walk I couldn't help but notice that there were lots of big acorns on the ground. I'm hoping this doesn't mean we will have a long, hard winter. If you believe in the old farmers almanac there is a saying lots of pine cones and acorns means a long, cold winter to come. Keeping my fingers crossed that isn't so. 
acorns fall 2012
Nature's Treasures..odd rocks....rectangular and flat round. I love the round one.
rocks rectangular and round
feather barred 5 inches pretty black shape and barred approx. 5 inches long . I think it is from a dove.
cardinal feathers cardinal feathers found near the bird bath
Ginko leaves turning color...taken in Plymouth at my parents doctors. Pretty, don't you think?
ginko leaves fall 2012
moss soft from front yard tree moss with spores that is on a branch that fell from my mountain ash tree on the front lawn. This moss is so soft when fresh, hard when dried out, but when it is again wet turns soft again.
That's it for this morning. I have no art to share today.


Barbara said...

Elaine, the flat round rock is perfect for beading! I keep a watch for flat rounds. Look here:
Thanks for the nature post!

Joanne Huffman said...

Actually, I think photos can be art - just look at the ginko photo.