Sunday, September 30, 2012

Morning walks

purple flowers and fall leaves purple weeds with red fallen leaves

Wow, 2 posts  in one day after a month of no postings. I had written this post yesterday, but accidently deleted it...urgh!!! Hate when that happens.

Recently I started walking again, as I want to lose some weight. You know the nasty 4 letter word.. D-I-E-T? Well, I am watching what I eat, eating smaller portions, trying to eat more fresh veggies and fruit. I use to walk 3 miles every morning and then again in the evening with our beloved golden retriever, Bear, but after he had to be put down due to cancer, the walks just weren't the same. I fell into a rut and just stopped. Anyway, now that I have started walking again, I find it very relaxing. I love being outside in the fresh air, and I just let my mind wander. Great stress reliever.

But, I want to love 20 plus pounds before I head to Florida in the spring.  On my walks, I carry my camera in my pocket to take photos of anything that catches my fancy.

bittersweet vine w unripe yellow berries bittersweet berries starting to turn color, soon they will be orange. the leaves have already been frosted by the cold nights.

teaberry single tea berry plant and berry. As a child did you ever eat teaberries? We did, and loved them. If you have chewed teaberry gum the gum taste just like the berries.

teaberries1 most teaberry plants have 2 berries. On the plant above, I ate one of the berries

mushrooms 3 3 mushrooms pushing up thru the pine needles

mushroom1  dome shaped mushroom


mushroom breaking thru the pine needles top viewtop of mushroom

mushroom breaking thru the pine needles  side view

mushroom puff ball from top puff ball. Don't know the real name of these, but as kids we loved to step on them and watch the puff of smoke like stuff come out of them.

mushroom puff ball inside bottom of the puff ball

mushroom breaking thru the pine needles white top view

mushroom white puff ball at auntysthis mushroom was in my aunts yard, and reminded me of a piece of brain coral.

A short you tube video that my niece did. Click here: just using 3 watercolor paints for your nature journal

Yesterday morning I emptied 2.5 inches of rain from the rain gauge, and today it is raining again, but our cranberry harvest continues rain or shine.

Have a wonderful day.


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Joanne Huffman said...

I enjoyed going on your walk with you - and , thanks for the memory of teaberry gum, which I used to love.