Friday, October 18, 2013

Strange Hen eggs

My youngest son, Steven has about 30 chickens. A few young roosters that were given to him, but the majority are hens. The chickens are mostly young birds that are just starting to lay eggs. My son recently moved to my grandfather's house, and so the chickens also made the move. The chickens are free range during the day. One young bird, he doesn't know which one has  laid a couple of very large, more duck sized eggs. The shells are heavily wrinkled and bumpy. When the egg is cracked open, he has found an egg within an egg. I had never seen anything like that before, have you? So weird.
egg within an egg1first time it happened...when the outer shell was cracked open it not only a egg and white, but another perfectly formed egg inside the big eggshell.
   egg within an egg shell 3egg within an egg that also had a yolk and white

A few weeks back while I was visiting Steven he found another big egg in one of the nest boxes in the hen house. (photo is below)
wrinkled egg shell stevens chicken egg
When Steven cracked open this egg, he found another egg within an egg, only the outer shell was empty this yolk or white, but the egg inside was normal.
      Some interesting web sites dealing with egg problems , egg oddities
Just thought I would share this, because I found it strange but fascinating.

When I go to Steven's several of the chickens come running over to the car cackling to greet me and will follow me to the kitchen steps. Here are just a few of Steven's chickens. Steven has several different breeds of chickens. I love going into the hen house to gather eggs. I had to laugh when he first told me he was going to get chickens because he doesn't eat eggs.
stevens chickens an old out building at my grandfather's house and in the back of the building what was the wood shed, Steven has made into a chicken coop. The coops white door is open.
chickens stevens 10.14.13

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Joanne Huffman said...

How interesting! I've never heard of an egg within an egg.