Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another vintage sewing machine..White Rotary 77

White Rotary 77

back side of machine/cabinet..water damage to the wood, but not buckled.

 Barbara...I know you must be rolling your eyes. :-) A couple of weeks ago I found another vintage sewing machine at my grandfather's. The cabinet needs a good polishing and TLC with Howard products and hopefully the stains won't be so noticeable. The wheel turned, and needle moved up and down. If I decide to take this machine home, I would replace the wiring to be on the safe side and of course the machine needs a good oiling and cleaning. I bought the Howard products at the Aubuchon Hardware store in Carver, as Home Depot didn't carry the Howard products.  Howard Feed and Restore video for restoring wood furniture easily.

The machine I found was a White Rotary 77, from the 40's, complete with accessories and manual . Also included was an empty mouse nest on the tray under the machine when I lifted the sewing machine head up.
mouse nest on tray under machine head when cabinet was closed. Thankfully no mice where in the nest. Yuck!!!!
left corner near tray

box of attachments and feet that I found in one of the drawers

manual minus the cover

I'm not sure if I will lug this one home, as I would need to find a space for it, but I am tempted, as I've been told this is a wonderful machine and also doubles as a desk when both of the top side extensions are closed. This cabinet also has an old ink well in one of the top drawers.
 right side extended open cabinet
left side of cabinet extension/top of desk when machine is folded into the cabinet

top right drawer.. Needles, bobbins. The drawer has a pencil/pen holder grove and an ink well (the black circle in the front of the drawer)
drawers on right side of cabinet

knee hole area of cabinet

wheel and knobs
White Rotary 77

bobbin casing intact

underside of rust

I didn't get a photo of the front of the cabinet, as it really crowded with boxes around the front of the machine.

The Singer 301 and 328 that I recently acquired have been gone over thoroughly..cleaned and oiled and run beautifully. The 328 didn't come with any attachments or manual. I was able to find a set of cams and extra feet for the 328 and I made a copy of the manual that I found on the internet. I just need to clean up the wood cabinets that they go into. The owner of the sewing machine repair shop, Able's on Rte. 44, Raynham, MA told me I got really nice machines and a tremendous bargain.



Barbara said...

Number 9 or 90, doesn't matter as long as you are having fun! Has your family threatened to have an intervention yet??? LOL!

Joanne Huffman said...

When I was in Tanzania, I saw people (men and women) using treadle sewing machines.