Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Couldn't resist a bargain..Singer sewing machines

I had never answered a craigslist ad before, but last week I saw a post and I sent an email off with an inquiry. The listing was for 2 Singer sewing machine in cabinets...$30.00 each. The sewing machines were older models, all metal. I couldn't tell from the poor photo what the black machine was, but when I held the control and + button on my keyboard, I was able to enlarge the photo enough to see that the sewing machine was a 301. After a few email communications with the seller we set a time on Sunday afternoon for me to come look at the 301 sewing machine that I was interested in.
The seller lived in Kingston, a nearby town so it didn't take me long to get there to check out the Singer that was in the photo online. The Singer 301 which is like a Feather Weight but larger and has a handle can also be used as a portable when taken out of the cabinet. Some models were sold just as portables.
 definately needs a good servicing...dirty bobbin casing under the lift up extension bed plate like the Feather Weight.

The tray below clamps on the bottom of the machine to attach it to the sewing cabinet. To use as portable machine you press the lever on the right side of the base and it releases the machine.

underneath tray support

The machine was  in a lovely maple cabinet with a chair that the seat lifts up for storage. Ugly velour material was covering the seat and back rest. The chair will definitely need to be recovered  which I can do.

One of the knobs came off the front of the cabinet on the right side in the back of my vehicle transporting it home.  I have the knob and I just need to put it back on after I polish up the cabinet.
The machine ran well and had a button hole attachment, extra bobbins, the machines manual, and the original box with the machines attachments. The power cord was in great shape, the machine just needed to be cleaned. I didn't hesitate...I bought it. Fantastic deal at $30.00.
back of machine

manual and attachments that came with machine

button hole attachment in case

I just happened to ask if the 2nd machine that was shown in the ad was still available, and the seller told me it was, but at another location 3 miles away. I was told if I wanted it, I could have it for nothing. Wow, so worth a look. So off we went so I could check out the machine.The owners were getting married and condensing 2 households to one, and trying to get rid of stuff, and wanted the machine to go to someone who would use it.

This Singer was a 328, very dirty, in a cabinet. No attachments, no cams, no manual. We plugged in the machine and it ran. So, of course I took it.  How could I not take it? :-)

I copied a manual from the internet for the machine. Now to order some cams. It takes #66 bobbins.
The cabinet doesn't have drawers and needs a good cleaning and polishing
   The only rust I saw was on the piece of metal that held the foot pedal inside of the cabinet.

I had a hard time getting the pedal out. I was told by a member of the Vintage Sewing Machine group on facebook that once out of the bracket it could be used as a foot pedal. So the person sewing has the option of using the knee control if this foot is in the bracket, or by putting this on the floor it is a foot pedal. I need to clean the rust of the metal piece.
 the machine was very dirty, but ran
My daughter in law has been wanting a sewing machine, so I will be giving this machine to her.

I was also given a Singer treadle iron legs.
I am going to have a top made for this. Not sure if it will be from wood, or if I will have cut a big piece of marble that my dad gave to me.

The seller loaded the 2 machines and iron legs into my vehicle. So thankful for that. The back of my car was fully loaded as well as the back seat.

On Monday, Veteran's Day, I went to my aunts and asked if I could put the cabinets in her garage while the machines were getting serviced.  My aunts neighbor saw me and offered to take the machines out of the car and into the garage for me. Those machines were HEAVY! I couldn't thank him enough.Whew! I would have struggled getting them into the garage by myself.
I wiped the machines down, and took the machine heads out of their cabinets and packed them into boxes in the back of my car.

Yesterday, (Tuesday) I brought both machines to be serviced at Able's Sew Center, in Raynham to have him look at the machines and to be serviced. I was told I got a fantastic buy, and I got 2 great machines. I am very, very happy with my first Craigslist experience. Best $30.00 I've ever spent. :-)



Barbara said...

Great buys Elaine, so how many are you up to now? You say it's addicting!. Lol!

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm really impressed by your vintage sewing machine adventures. You really seem to know what you're doing.

Elaine Akers said... the moment I have 8 sewing machines, but the 328 will soon be gifted.