Monday, December 16, 2013

Fudge and Peanut Brittle for the Holidays

peanut brittle
I always make toffee candy for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but have never tried making peanut brittle before. The past several days I've thought about making a batch as I love the stuff. I bought a big bag of raw peanuts at the grocery store and spent yesterday afternoon shelling the nuts as I watched a movie.
I searched the internet for a recipe and my goodness; there are so many and all different.  I watched a few video's on you tube, picked a recipe and decided today I would make a batch. 
My peanut brittle came out great.

So yummy. I must admit I was a little over zealous whacking a big, metal spoon to crack the brittle into pieces.

I ended up with lots of small pieces. My diet went out the window this afternoon as I snacked on the little brittle bits off and on since my candy was cooled.
peanut brittle shards little bits of brittle that I've been snacking on.
I have a batch of chocolate fudge made. I want to make a batch of toffee and a batch of penuche fudge which is my favorite.  Every recipe I look at is different. So, now to decide which recipe to try.
I still need to do my baking. I've finish my Christmas shopping, worked out a menu for Christmas dinner that I will cook at my parents for our family. With my mom's Alzheimer's advancing it is easier to have the holiday meals at their house than for my mom to go out. 
Gotta run, it's back to wrapping presents. I love Christmas shopping but dislike the wrapping especially when the cats try to help.

p.s..12/17/2013...figures, today at Walmart I found in the baking aisle a bag of shelled raw peanuts.


Barbara said...

Love all those goodies. Thanks Elaine, happy Christmas to you

Joanne Huffman said...

I've done my baking (cookies, chex mix, fudge, and peanut brittle), but haven't even started to plan Christmas dinner (still have to decide between turkey and roast beef). I think you'll have a delicious Christmas.

Barbara said...

It sounds like you are a very good cook, and baker! I wish I had those genes. LOL...I love everything you write about making. Enjoy!