Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snowstorm January 21-22...birds at the feeders

red bellied woodpecker...isn't he beautiful?

It started snowing around 11:30 yesterday morning and it was still snowing earlier this morning. We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland.  Thankfully the snow from this storm is light and fluffy and isn't hard to shovel.  When I got up this morning and looked out the window there were many birds at the feeders eating. I took photos thru the window from inside the house.

 new bird bath and water heater that I bought over the weekend at Wild Birds Unlimited of Cape Cod, in Yarmouth. The ground was frozen so I put the pole of the bird bath into a flower pot with soil that I had in the basement. I also hung a feeder near it so the birds would find it. I noticed goldfinches sitting on the rim of the bird bath drinking yesterday. So I was happy that the bird bath had been found.

this photo of a robin was taken thru the blind slats in my Pella sliding door on a very grey early morning. For the past several years we have had large flocks of robins that stay the winter and don't migrate south 


downy woodpecker 

you can see snow falling in this photo

snow is falling while this male cardinal survey's the feeders in the mountain ash tree in the front yard

looking out the kitchen door to see how much snow had fallen..we got about 10 inches

When I ventured outside to fill the bird feeders and throw some fine, cracked corn and bird seed on the ground the wind is howling and snow is blowing all over and it is very cold.

It is hard to take pictures from in the kitchen looking out as the kitchen step railings block the view and the door faces the sun. The song sparrow photos below were taken by focusing the camera thru the railings, and the little birds are constantly moving. I think I will get a good shot and then the bird bends down to get some seed. 

The steps railings were in the way, so I could only get a photo of the wrens head. The wren was under my car trying to eat a large piece of peanut. It's mouth is open and you can see it's tongue

                                                             white throat sparrow

white breasted nuthatch

While the snow is still fresh..I should go out and scoop up a big turkey roasting pan to make snow taffy. My mom use to make snow taffy for my brothers and I when we were kids after a snowstorm. 

Enjoy your day!


PeggyR said...

Love the pictures of the birds! Not your snow! Here in Ohio (Independence area) we only have a coating of snow, but it's really cold!

Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos!