Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weaving a fabric purse

creating a woven  purse from strips of fabric and fiber

This past week I had a real busy schedule taking my dad and aunt to doctor appointments, doing their grocery shopping and running errand for them. I didn't feel like leaving the house, because I've had an awful head cold. As soon as I would get back from their houses, I would take something for the congestion and headache. I didn't feel like doing much of anything, I was totatlly wiped out.

While I was resting, I pulled out the instructions for weaving fabric purses that my friend, Chris Peden had given me. Chris, taught myself and a group of our artsy friends how to weave one summer at an art retreat in Rhode Island several years back.

Instructions on how to make one of these woven on photo to enlarge

Below is the purse I am working on. Once it is finished I will sew a lining  into the purse in a matching fabric and add a strap or handle. 

several different fabric strips in co ordinating colors that I hand tore and also a skein of fiber- the upper right that co ordinates with my fabric strips
my mat/book board loom that I wrapped with an uneven number of crochet thread for my warp thread. You can see the line that I marked off for the height I decided to make my purse. I use 2 heavier wooden shish kabob skewers to push the woven fabric tight and to keep the warp seperated. 

close up 

I have worked a little on this project everyday, but since I haven't felt good I haven't it finished yet.

Here are some of the purses I woven in the past.
 black fabric and multi colored fiber with black lining and wooden handles
 blue fabrics and fibers with wooden handles

 red and purple fabrics with red fiber...Red Hat shoulder purse I made for my aunt
small fabric/fiber amulet or cell phone bags with rubber stamped wooden domino's. I also rubber stamped on some wood circular pieces that I found on coasters in a dollar store. The wooden pieces when rubber stamped can be made into nice bracelets.

The photos below are small amulet/cell phone bags like those above.  When this photo was taken I hadn't lined or put little straps on them yet. Once they are finished you wear them around your neck to hold keys, cell phone, tube of lipstick..any small items.

 I wove ribbon that had words on these 2

I enjoy weaving these purses on my inexpensive little loom. If you have scraps of fabric, tear up some strips, make a loom and try making a purse. The mat board loom and crochet thread and wooden skewers aren't high tech, but works just great.



Barbara said...

Haven't had much time myself, but my weaving will resurface. Love this post!

Joanne Huffman said...

What a great project! I love your woven treasures.