Monday, February 24, 2014

Bluebird sighting

I took my Dad for blood work this morning and then to run errands. I also went to the garage to get my new inspection sticker that was due this month.  Then I took my Dad to the bog to watch the guys ice sanding. As we were leaving the bog we saw 4 bluebirds flitting back and forth from some shrubs, a holly tree, 2 big pine trees and the ground. I took photos from inside the car through the windshield facing the sun. Unfortunately the birds were quite some distance away, but I did get a few pictures. I could have sat and watched the bluebirds for hours. While at the bog we also saw a mockingbird. I can't wait for spring.

Even though the ice is melting they are still able to ice sand using a wide tracked Morooka sanding vehicle that doesn't hurt the cranberry vines. 



Joanne Huffman said...

How delightful to see bluebirds - still too cold and snowy for birds in this part of Michigan.

Barbara said...

Great job on the photos, Elaine. We are starting to see bluebirds here too! Sanding ice in the bogs is so interesting! I don't know if that's done here. Being further south and warmer might make a difference.