Sunday, May 11, 2014

For the Birds

Loon photos taken at Plymouth Beach, Plymouth, MA 5.10.14

Commorant on barnacle covered rock..Plymouth Beach 5.10.14

Black Turnstone..Plymouth Beach 5.10.14

front yard..I put out orange slices for the orioles, but the red bellied woodpecker loves this juicy treat

The male osprey was sitting on a perch not far from the nest, it took off, flew to it's favorite dead tree. 5.10.14

Took off and flew to the beach 
Grabbed a large piece of seaweed from the tide line

and carried it to the nest where the female is sitting on eggs in the nest

greater yellow legs standing near marsh. If you click to enlarge photo you can see that it was raining when I took the photo. Plymouth..5.10.14

male goldfinch Plymouth 5.10.14

yellow warblers are everywhere, but so difficult to get a photo of especially since the trees are now leafing out and most times having to face into the sun to get a photo. They aren't cooperative as they quickly flit in and out of the branches. I took this photo at my brothers cranberry bog in Plympton. 5.10.14

 tree swallow on nest box at the cranberry bog 5.10.14

male oriole 7 a.m. 5.11.14

female hummingbird 5.11.14   7 a.m.

male hummingbird right after rain stopped 6 a.m...5.11.14

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Joanne Huffman said...

Beautiful bird photos!