Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beautiful Spring morning

At five thirty this morning I woke to a birds call that I didn't recognize at first. I looked out the bedroom window and saw it was a Carolina wait...2 Carolina wrens.

I grabbed my camera and took the above photos through the window. Just as I finished taking the wrens pictures, a male ruby throated hummingbird landed in the rhododendron bush right near the wrens. How neat, took photos of him as he rested on the bare branch.

Here he turned his head just a bit and the red on his throat showed up.
The last photo of the continous shoot mode on the camera. I noticed when I downloaded the photo that it's tongue is sticking out just a bit.

I couldn't believe it, a black and white warbler flew onto the rhododendron as I finished taking the hummers photo. It was like Grand Central Station and the birds were all landing almost on top of each other. I had never seen a black and white warbler in the yard before. I couldn't get a good photo of the warbler in the rhododendron so, I threw some clothes and shoes on and went outside. The wrens were still there, but no black and white warbler. So I started making the pshing sound that often times brings birds in as they are curious about the sound. Sure enough, the warbler flew from the woods into the apple tree near the rhododendron. I was able to get 2 photos before it flew away. Great way to start the morning off.

female black and white warbler
I came back into the house made breakfast for my husband and packed his lunch. Then I showered and got ready to leave to do my parents grocery shopping. I didn't get far. As I was getting into the car...I heard an oriole calling. I grabbed my camera and took a couple pictures of the male that was in the neighbors big, old, maple tree. 

fluffing up it's feathers as he gave himself a shake.

This morning before I left I put out a suet basket filled with shed dog and cat fur with some other things for the birds to use in their nest.

The kitty fur is from my long haired cat that I brushed out last night, and the dog fur was from our Golden Retriever Bear. Long about it here..from my old blog post in February 2010.

I love spring...all the flowers and shrubs are blooming, sunshine, warm days, birds singing, green grass so nice to see after the long, snowy, cold winter we had.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos - love seeing the hummingbird stick out his tongue.