Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hummingbird's at my feeder

I put out 3 small hummingbird feeder's a few days ago, and the hummers found them the next day.
This afternoon we went to a cookout at my son's. When I got home I was busy taking in my plants off my deck, as the temperature is going to drop, and there will be a frost tonight. Today was sunny, but really chilly and very windy.
Anyway, while taking in plants I was getting buzzed by  hummingbirds as they chased each other away from the feeders. I ran into the house and got my camera, but the little birds are so fast, and the light was fading so the pictures that I snapped aren't the greatest.
But, here are a few pictures that I snapped off. Kind of blurry because I was trying to zoom in real close as the bird rested on my plant hanger. They love sitting on top of the hanger, and also on the tomato cages in the garden. I will post more pictures later when the birds aren't quite so spooked as when they first arrive and when there is a little more sun. I  hear the hummers before I see them, as they make a high pitched twitter.
The orioles around the yard have been serendading me for days. I have no idea where they make their nest every year, but I wish it was in my yard.
I love to listen to the birds in the spring. Don't you?
The cardinals around the yard are busy collecting nesting materials. The tufted titmouse is sitting on eggs in a nesting box.
And, I hadn't seen a scarlet tangager in years, and coming home from my mothers this afternoon I saw one dead on the side of the road. I was saddened to see that beautiful red and black male that must have flown into a car. :-(
Anyway...I will post more hummer pictures as I get them.
Happy Mother's Day.

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Sherri Auld said...

Elaine, Hummingbirds are my very favorite. I once had the chance to watch one nest right outside my window. It was the tiniest little nest, with two little eggs. Both hatched and two of the most adorably ugly little babies grew into two beautiful hummers right before my eyes. They are amazing little creatures. Enjoy them!!