Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A surprise to come home to

I went away for the long, Columbus holiday weekend to visit with my cousins down the Cape.

Saturday night, while I was at my cousin's I got a phone call from my husband. Tom, told me that our neighbor, Ron had caught one of the stray kittens that had been born under his shed in late spring, in a Havaheart trap.  Ron brought the kitty to our house, and asked Tom if he was willing to take the kitty, because he knew that several of the kittens from the litter have been coming to our house and we had been feeding them. Of course Tom took the kitty in.

Unfortunately as soon as he let the kitty out of the cage, the kitty ran and climbed up my living room curtains and was sitting on the top of the valance rod. Oh my! After quite some time the kitty came down and fell asleep under the table. Since that time Tom has only seen quick glimpses of the kitty. We have a kitty door upstairs that leads to the cellar/basement where at least there is a litter box.  

I was afraid to come into the house when I got home this afternoon, because I didn't know what I would find.  When I had unpacked the SUV, I looked around and called our stray kitty, Tuffy  that we took in 2 years ago. After a bit Tuffy came up from the cellar. Shortly after Tuffy came upstairs I could hear mewing, but could see no new kitty. Our Fluffy was sitting on the cat tree.

All of a sudden just minutes ago, the little kitty poked his head around the door coming from our bedroom. I called and kitty stopped in it's tracks and bolted back into the bedroom. I don't know at this time if we will be able to keep it. I'd like to at least catch it and get it to the vets to be neutered. At this time I don't know if we have a boy or girl kitty. This kitten was the smallest of the litter. Tom has been calling it Casper, because he can never find it, because it hides.

Here is a quick photo I just snapped of Casper..I didn't have time to raise the flash as he peeked around the corner of the bedroom door, before taking the photo below. Casper looks a lot like our Tuffy, but is much lighter. The other two from the litter are bigger and much darker. Those 2 look just like our Tuffy kitty.

stray kitty 10.8.12 Casper peeking

I will try and put up some up some of the photos I took while I was away, but don't know when I will get to it, as the next 3 days I have to take my parents and aunt to doctor appointments.



Linda said...

Hi Elaine,

What a lovely story and your kind hearts to keep the kitten. We just adopted 3 little kittens,with Mr Jinxie gone- we could not bear not having a cat child. I posted photos on my blog- good luck with your new kittie baby!

Joanne Huffman said...

Casper looks sweet in the photo. I hope he/she adjusts and gets domesticated and can stay.

Barbara said...

Oh how sweet, how does one not fall prey to such an adorable kitty?!