Saturday, February 23, 2013

3 Hole Pamphlet books

pamphlet book 3 hole for cheryl cover3cover of book I made for my cousin Cheryl for out upcoming Florida trip. I thought she could use this like a SMASH book.

Yesterday afternoon while waiting for the vets office to call to pick up the cat from the vets, I cut more paper and cardstock  to make 3 hole pamphlet books.  I used cardstock and copy weight paper for the pages.

Below..I folded a piece of cardstock the length of the book and marked areas for the holes in the book. I snugly fit the crease into the center of the folder pages, and then I punched the holes thru all of the pages with an book making awl this time instead of using a needle. So much easier.

pamphlet book 3 hole page marker

pamphlet book 3 hole for cheryl front and back covers Cheryl's covers undecorated. I used beads and a beach chair/umbrella charm in the binding.

pamphlet book 3 hole for cheryl inside cover inside cover and first page of Cheryl's book. One of two decorated cardstock pages I added to the books signature.

pamphlet book 3 hole for cheryl page decoration on one of the first pages I added this decorative paper.

pamphlet book 3 hole page envelopesewn in Cherylenvelope stitched into the books binding

pamphlet book 3 hole starfish page Cherylanother decorative page in Cheryl's book.

Start of 2nd 3 hole pamphlet book I made this afternoon. I added a key charm to the stitching. I used cardstock and copy weight paper for this books pages. Corrugated paper and copper colored corrugated cardboard strip with matching brads and a journaling ticket. I added a key charm to the binding which you can't really see in this photo.

     pamphlet book 3 hole keys on cover I am going to give this one away, and decided to leave the cover as is. The person I am gifting this to can finish decorating the cover.

It felt good to create something as it's been awhile, but I really should have spent the afternoon packing and doing other errands before I leave. 



Susan said...

Great books! Looks like you couldn't stop once you started. They are fun.

Joanne Huffman said...

A very nice gift for your cousin. And a great gift for your friend.