Saturday, February 23, 2013

More 3 hole pamphlet books

pamphlet book 3 hole lime palm tree coverthis cardstock cover is pretty but this photo doesn't do it justice. Glossy lime green palm tree on a background of light lime green and peach.

pamphlet book 3 hole lime green inside coverinside front cover with a pocket and a saying.

pamphlet book 3 hole lime green page w envelopefolded envelope page

pamphlet book 3 hole lime green inside back cover    Paint chip sample for writing on and a triangular pocket in the corner of the back page

pamphlet book 3 hole lime short page w palms page with a small insert page using some of the cover cardstock

pamphlet book 3 hole blue w palm tree cover beach themed with sparkled cardstock cover and palm tree with shells on the cover. Need to stitch it together later today.

pamphlet book 3 hole tan sea themed cover another beach themed pamphlet book just needs to be stitched.

The stitching won't take long and I will have completed 3 more books. In all of these books I used a few sheets of cardstock but most of the pages are copy weight paper. I didn't decorate any of the inside pages because I don't know what I am going to do with these books yet or who I will give them to. If I gift them then the recipient can decorate as the book as they like.



Barbara said...

We have a Queen of Bookmaking here, very pretty books (the good kind of bookmaking :)

Joanne Huffman said...

I like your books. I'm currently working on some books (different construction than yours) now.

Barbara Hagerty said...

I love the papers you've chosen, and the beach-themed cover!

Nancy B said...

I love your book and all the creative things that you put into it! I love the beach theme.