Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Birthday has come and gone

My younger brother and I celebrated our birthdays last month. Yes, we are July birthday twins, but born 11 years apart. Fifty four years ago when Richard was born on my 11th birthday.
This was a milestone birthday for me as I became a genuine senior citizen. My  brother, who is 11 months older than me told me, on the  you can take advantage of senior discounts. (LOL) Age is but a number and I don't feel any different.

My 94 year old dad called first thing in the  morning on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday. Dad made me laugh when he mentioned that not many parents live to see 2 of their children become senior citizens. 

I had a lovely birthday. My friend took me out to lunch, we then did a bit of shopping. When I got home there was a package that came in the mail from Renee who was my birthday swap partner in the Yahoo group AAWA.
birthday box 3 AAWA Renee 2013 birthday goodies that arrived from California.
birthday box 1AAWA Renee 2013 birthday box 2AAWA Renee 2013
I also received lots of birthday wishes by phone, in emails and on facebook along with gifts of money and gift cards. I also received a box of deli papers that I had been trying to find to use with my Gelli plate. Now to find time to create some art.
I didn't feel like going out to dinner that night so Tom brought home takeout. A couple days later we went out my youngest son and his family to celebrate my birthday. We did go out and I decided I wanted a lobster roll. It was so good. I only ate a few fries as I was trying to stay on my diet. Since the middle of April when I started WW's I have lost 18 pounds and dropped a size.

I love this fragrant lily that blooms in the yard every July. So many blooms on the one plant.
yellow lilies in front of house 7.2013

this is the life. Princess one of my rescued strays enjoying a peaceful afternoon on the cat tree.


Joanne Huffman said...

Belated Happy Birthday! I will hit 65 in September and spent an hour and a half at the Social Security office yesterday getting things lined up for official old age.

Patti G. said...

Elaine sweet lady
How did I miss this! I see your day was special, but let's go ahead and celebrate all weekend too ok? ")
Happy Birthday to your brother too! What fun!
Happy Birthday wishes to you!

Barbara said...

Happy belated birthday Elaine! Turning any age never felt like much to me either, but I recently turned 70, and that felt like something! LOL