Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Found a Great Blue Heron nest

great blue heron in nest far away6.7.24great blue heron near the top of a tall, dead white pine tree down the bog
Great blue herring 9.1.11when I first drove up I saw a Great Blue near the water while it's mate was in the nest
great blue herring 2 in nest1. 7.24then the bird flew to join it's mate in the nest
Photos below..these brownish colored birds are young ones still in the nest. My brother told me there are 3 young in that nest. Don't know how so many can fit in that flimsy nest without falling into the water below.
    great blue herring 1 in nest3. 7.24 great blue herring 1 in nest4. 7.24  
great blue herring 1 in nest1. 7.24
great blue herring 1 in nest2. 7.24
great blue herring far away nest in tree across pond.7.24the nest was a long distance from where I was standing. If you look straight ahead in the photo to the left of the tree that is leaning to the right the nest is near the top where the tree kind of divides.
My brother had told me where to find the nest the other night, and today after I took my dad to two doctor appointments and did his grocery shopping I told him I wanted to go find the heron's nest. I wish I had had the tripod for my camera in the car, because with the zoom far out on my little camera and with the wind blowing my hand kept shaking. I was surprised that my photos came out as clear as they did. From now on the tripod stays in the back of the car.
I was thrilled to see these large birds in their haphazardly built stick nest, because I had never seen a heron nest before. I just love riding around the cranberry bogs because you never know what you will see..foxes, turtles, birds, deer, turkeys, and other wildlife.
Here is a picture of one of the male strays that I had neutered earlier in the year. Junior has turned out to be such a loveable kitty. Junior and the other cats love this cat tower.
Junior 7.24.2013 vegging out on tree
Mama kitty who I captured and had spayed in February comes all the time to be fed. The other day I saw her sleeping in my platform bird feeder in the backyard. The feeder is pretty dilapidated and shaky now, because my Uncle Rei built it for me in the 70's. Uncle has been gone for a long time now, and when I see the feeder I think of him. My uncle created wonderful things with wood.
  mama kitty in birdfeeder 7.23

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Joanne Huffman said...

Your photos are great, especially with no tripod. I love the idea of a cat sitting in a bird feeder.