Monday, July 22, 2013

Gelli Plate papers

gelli printed papers supplies

Good Morning bloggers. I haven't created anything in a long time, and this morning as I was reading my emails I spied my gelli plate. So, I decided to drag out a few paints, deli wrap, copy paper and my brayers.

I wasn't thinking when I created the paper below. I painted the gelli plate and then wrote on it. Note to time you need to write the letters backwards so they will print the correct way. Duh!!! (you would have thought I would I would have remembered that from years ago when I did my first  eraser carved words.)  I used 3 different greens and then some iridescent green paint in a tube. I wanted to eventually use this page for a beach themed project. (Life is beautiful under the sea)

gelli printed papers oops writing needs to be backwards 

I found this on the Gelli Arts site  click to watch the video. Informative video on using words with your Gelli Plate

Below are the few papers that I worked on. I need to find a good source for some fun stencils.

 gelli printed papers paint w white spray pinks and purple iridescent paints sprayed with white dylusions

  gelli printed papers using doilie and stencil w deli paper2 painted gelli plate with stencil and doilies covered with deli paper

gelli printed papers using doilie and stencil1finished deli paper using the stencil and doily above

gelli printed papers gold paint w orange spray dotted brayer a few different gold paints then sprayed with orange dylusions spray mist. I then used a removable Recollections brayer with dots to run over the surface of the gelli plate

gelli printed papers gold paint w yellow spray dotted brayer black paint with yellow dylusions spray mist

gelli printed papers blue green stencil

gelli printed papers gold paint w rings then cleared plate gold paints then I used a jar cover to make the circles. I wish I hadn't then used this deli paper to clean off the plate,

gelli printed papers using doilie black and gold cleaning off the plate of excess paints

gelli printed papers clearing off inks from plate2 iridescent blues off the gelli plate

 gelli printed papers clearing off inks from plate1cleaning off the plate

I like these better than my first attempts using my gelli plate.

Last week was so very hot and humid, I didn't feel like doing much of anything, but staying indoors near the air conditioning. Last Wednesday I had to go and do grocery shopping for my parents, and so I picked up my granddaughter, Bella and we went for a quick visit to Plymouth Correctional facility. No, I wasn't carting her off to jail.  There is a area that plants are sold and they have farm animals that you can buy bags of feed for 50 cents to feed and pet the animals. Bella loved it there but we couldn't stay long as it was so hot and humid. There were goats, cows, mini ponies, rabbits, chickens, pigs with babies, sheep with a baby lamb.

Bella 7.18.13 Plymouth farm w bag of feedall set to feed the animals

Bella 7.18.13 Plymouth farm feeding chickens here chickie chickie

Bella 7.18.13 Plymouth farm feeding pony Bella 7.18.13 Plymouth farm feeding pony2 loved the ponies

Bella 7.18.13 Plymouth farm feeding sheep looking at the sheep, and the baby lamb ran away

Bella 7.18.13 Plymouth farm feeding sheep2

Bella 7.18.13 Plymouth farm Im hot in cart  Resting in the shade after feeding the animals

 Bella 7.18.13 cooling off in the car out of the hot sun and into the air conditioned car to cool off.

Sammi 7.14.2013 baptism family pic3 Sunday, July 14, 2013 baptism at Sacred Heart Church, Middleboro

Sammi wearing sunglasses. 2  1/2 months old

Sammi 7.18.2013 with sunglasses 

I have a few Butterfly bushes in my back yard. The blooms are so pretty.

beauty bush 7.22.13

Off to do some errands and then weight watcher's tonight. Wish me luck.

Elaine any of you use picture trail? Do you still maintain it or have you deleted your account? Long before I started my blog I started a picture trail site to store art photos and projects and photos that I've taken. I haven't used it  lately I am thinking of deleting my account, but first I'd need to copy all of the photos that are in my albums to CD that are stored on my picture trail. Still debating on what to do....keep it or delete it.


Joanne Huffman said...

Isn't playing with the Gelli plate fun! I like your papers - especially the drama of the doily print.nhow interesting that the Correctional Facility has a petting zoo. I let my Pkicture Trail account die; I just wasn't using it.

Barbara said...

Very pretty experiments Elaine, and so interesting since I have no idea what gelli papers are. Lol. How can that adorable Bella be growing so fast?!