Monday, April 21, 2014

Colorful Spring

 Some of my daffodils that are blooming in my flower garden in the back yard. The                          garden really needs to be cleaned and weeded. It is suppose to be in the 60's this week. Hopefully spring is here to stay.

Photos of some of the beautiful birds that have been coming to my yard. I hung out 2 hummingbird feeders yesterday in anticipation of the male's that will soon be arriving. I also hung out orange halves in a suet feeder for the orioles, but it is still too early for them as they have been coming in May in past years.

must have an itch..foot is scratching it's head. In the butterfly bush in the back yard


this morning the male kept getting sunflower seeds from the feeder, returning to the branch and feeding this female 

Chipping Sprarrows

yellow shafted flicker

Red Bellied Woodpecker
Has a real distinctive call, and I hear him before he arrives at the feeders

                                        Black Capped Chickadee
                                    White Throat Sparrow

Fat Robin

Tufted Titmouse

white breasted nuthatch

male downy woodpecker on suet feeder

So many birds have been enjoying the bird seed feast and suet at my feeders.

Have a wonderful day.


Joanne Huffman said...

So nice that spring is finally here.

Barbara said...

Colorful indeed, and great photos as always!