Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My aunt's 90th birthday

My aunt Gert turned 90 on Saturday, and we had a party at my parents house for her.  Auntie is my father's younger sister.

Many family members attended, and if anyone went away hungry it was their own fault. There was so much food. We also celebrated my husbands 69th birthday and my mom's 91st birthday as well as sang happy birthday to several other family members who celebrate birthdays in April. The day was beautiful..sunny and warm.

If you read my blog you know my mom has advanced alzheimer's and it was so sad to watch as mom had no idea how to blow out her birthday candle. 
A photo I took on Saturday of my Dad (95) and Mom (91)


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Joanne Huffman said...

It's so nice that your family can get together to share celebrations.