Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dog Fur Fiber

Our beautiful, Golden Retriever, Bear

Two and half years ago while in Maine with my sister in law and cousins we went to a small fiber shop in Bridgeton. On display was a beautiful scarf that the owner of the shop had spun from a English Sheep dogs shed thick, undercoat fur. The owner told me golden retriever fur spun into lovely fiber.

My golden retriever, Bear shed excessively year round, and so when I got back home I started saving his fur from brushings. Everyone told me I was crazy to want to have a scarf made from dog fur. The next fall when we went back to Maine I brought up with me the plastic grocery bag filled with Bears shed dog fur to be spun from the owner of Down Home & Company.
started out with a plastic grocery bag of brushed undercoat fur from my Golden Retriever, Bear
The owner told me it would take a bit of time until she could get around to spinning it, but I was willing to wait.
I am so glad that I decided to have the fur spun, as last October I had to make the painful decision to have our beloved 10 1/2 year old, Bear, euthanized, as he was full of cancer. That was such a horrible day.
Shortly after having lost Bear; I found out that his fur had been spun and was finished.
Late yesterday afternoon when I went to the mailbox there was a package from Down Home Company, and inside was the large skein of Bears fur spun into fiber, 395 yards of it. I love it and can't wait to have a scarf made from it. I got teary eyed as I handled the fiber, but I will always have a part of my beloved dog.

Recently, I started saving my fluffy, long haired cats soft fur. Who knows, if I get enough I may consider having that spun into fiber.
Our Fluff Puff kitty..long, silky, gray fur


Diann said...

What a touching story you have shared! The fiber from your precious dog's hair is lovely and what sweet memories you will have always!
I'm glad you had that done, Elaine, and thanks for sharing! I'm enjoying your new blog and wondering if it is okay to add yours to my blog list? Diann

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Elaine-This is wonderful!! A scarf will be a wonderful thing to have!

Nancy B said...

What beautiful fiber Bear's fur was spun into!
I know you'll treasure your scarf.

Nina Originals said...

The fiber is beautiful and I know you will treasure your scarf so much! I wish this option had been available to me - I would have done it with Toby's fur.

di said...

That fur made such a beautiful fiber!

Barbara Rossman said...

The fiber is beyond beautiful and must hold such a special place in your heart! Thanks for sharing.

Patti G. said...

Ohhhhhhhh Elaine, this is precious and once you make the scarf, you will have Bear with you always! This is just the neatest!
:0) Consider it , him giving you a hug!!!!

botto11 said...

This is a very nice way of keeping a part of Bear for both you and Tom. I bet you can make two scarfs one for each of you.

your friend
Betty Ann

Tammy D said...

That is so beautiful. I started saving my cat's this fall, but she died unexpectedly last week. I don't have very much but I plan on spinning it myself and hope to have enough for at least a bookmark or something.

Anonymous said...

I had to google to find this post, Elaine, but here it is and I'm teary-eyed reading it. I couldn't save something like that from our miniature short-haired Dachshund who was recently sent on her way to a better place, but I can understand why you did it. The fur fiber looks lovely, even if you just keep it as is.