Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Ahead

Daylight savings time started early this morning, and it will take me a few weeks to get use to the time change. But, all the clocks are now turned ahead, even the one in my car. What a weekend this has been. Yesterday it rained hard all day and thru the night with high winds. Today more rain and wind and this weather is suppose to continue tomorrow. Lots of area rivers are running over onto the roads and many branches are down, but, we haven't lost power. The weather stations are saying we haven't had a rain event like this since 2006.
Last week I found some nice bargains while out shopping. At the Super WalMart in Plymouth. I bought the pink crop o dile in a plastic case that included a lot of eyelets, and a pink, Big Bite 6" reach, Crop o dile for $10 each on clearance. Great bargain, as they sell in the craft stores for $34.99 each. I was excited about this find.
At Joann Fabrics I used a 40% off coupon on a Wool Pet felting book. The book had 20 really cute animals to create, but what really sold me on buying the book was the mermaid on the back cover. I love mermaids. As I am new to felting, the projects looked managable...we shall see. :-)
I also bought 2 strands of beads that I plan on making into a bracelet, and possibly a pair of earring too.
Another find was a marked down Maricopa 12 x 12 scrapbook pad of decorative paper of $9.00 at Joann's.  Lots of pretty papers in that pad.

Last week I also  checked out some different sewing machines as I would like to replace my Janome. I love my machine, but it doesn't have many of the decorative stitches. When I bought the Janome I hadn't sewn in ages, and wanted it mainly for mending ripped out knees and crotches of pants that my sons would bring for me to fix. Most times the clothes they wanted sewn were beyond fixing. Anyway, I don't want to spend big  money, but I want a decent machine. I really want my next machine to have the blanket stitch. Anyone have a suggestion on a great machine that is reasonably priced?

This morning when the rain let up for a bit I decided I would check out the pussy willow tree in the back yard to see if there was any sign of new life and sure enough the pussy willows were open. I never seem to catch the tree before the buds swell open. I like putting the branches in a dry vase for decoration. When the pussy willows open you know spring is really coming.Soon that catkins will burst into leaves.
Also the daffodils that I uploaded a picture of a few weeks back now have buds. I can't wait for these to open, as the small te'te' daffodils are my favorite. The next sign of spring I look forward to is hearing the spring peepers in the evenings. I can't wait for warm, sunny weather as this winter has been a long one.

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