Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stampers block

I use to rubber stamp all the time, and for the past several years I haven't rubber stamped at all. I recently signed up for a bird/birdhouse swap. When I signed up I had  lots of ideas flowing thru my head. But, now that the time has come to put those ideas onto paper I am finding that I'm not satisfied with what I've come up with. I am having Stamper's block.
It doesn't help that I found that most of my markers and  ink pads have dried up. To make matters worse I can't put my hands on the stamps that I want to use. So very frustrating!
This morning I played around with the stamp images I managed to find. I can't say I am 100% happy with either idea that I came up with, but here are the 2 postcards that I created. I have to decide which one to use as all 8 postcards have to be the same. The postcards shown here are my prototypes mistakes and all.


Nancy B said...

I like the one with the birdhouse. What mistakes? I think they are both very pretty!

Barbara Rossman said...

Really nice girl. I know what you mean about your pads drying up. I think that is what happens to old stampers. ha ha ha.... Great stuff.

Ruth Bonar said...

I like them both. But I would have to go with the birdhouse one because of the flowers and shade tree and can't wait til the purple martins come back. Are the flowers actually one stamp? Do you know who made the tree stamp? Either will make someone very happy.