Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo birthday cards for my hubby and mother

Tomorrow, April 27th is my husband, Tom's 65th birthday. Wow, he is officially a senior citizen. I wanted to make a special card for Tom. So, I dug thru some photo's from a Florida vacation of Tom holding a barracuda he caught in the flats of Coco Plum Beach, Florida Keys.
Tom loves fishing in the Keys, esecially for bone fish. I decided to make him a card with one of the fish he caught and released.
It scares me when he wades into the water going out chest deep to fish, and the barracuda, small sharks, and big rays swim up very close to him. Too scary for me.
He fishes and I beachcomb for shells and other treasures. As I walk the beach I also watch the shorebirds.

My mother's 87th birthday is the day after Tom's, on April 28th.  This is the card that I created for her special day. I took this photo of my mother a few years back at their winter home in Florida.

Happy Birthday to the both of you with all my love.

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