Friday, April 2, 2010

Felted silk flower pin giveaway winner mailed out 4/5/2010

I did things a little different this time to draw the lottery winner's name. Instead of writing out everyone's name that entered into a container for the drawing, I put numbers 1-17, as there were 17 comments left. I also decided to pick two other names as well. So, there are 3 winners in my giveaway this time of felted center silk flowers. The papers with the numbers were shaken up really well, and my husband drew the names out of a big container.
Winners have their choice from the flowers shown here on my blog, or the felted flowers that I have on my picture trail site.
Let me know which one you want email me with your choice.... Also, do you want a pin back on your flower or not, as these can be used on art, or added to fabric.
This time number 13 wasn't an unlucky number...
winner # 1...# Linda Reid...chose the orange/yellow flower on my blog. (2nd flower down)
winner #2...# 12.....Susan...chose the light yellow flower (first one on my blog)
winner #3...#11...Kerry...chose the blue flower that is on my blog made into a pin. . (6th one down)

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Patti G. said...

Congrats to all the winners and of course I feel they are lucky to receive your beautiful flowers!!!!!!!!
Hugs and Happy Easter Elaine!