Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunset in the Florida Keys

sunset in the Florida Keys inspiration inspiration magazine photo

I was reading Southern Living magazine last evening, and was taken with some of the beautiful sunset photos. This morning, I cut out a few of the beautiful pictures for water color painting inspiration. I will put the magazine pictures in a journal along with my painting attempt of the photo.
I love visiting the Florida Keys, and so the above picture brought back many wonderful memories of those gorgeous sunsets. Next month I will be going to Florida, and I can't wait.
Hopefully my self taught attempts at painting will improve as I do more of them.  As I sat down to water color this morning I hoped I could come close to painting a water color that would look like the original.
Below is my attempt at water coloring the photo.
sunset in the Florida Keys watercolor2
I can't say it looks like the painting, but at least I tried, and hopefully with each attempt there will be improvement. I think I am doing pretty good with painting palm trees. :-)


Susan McHenry said...

Inspiring! I so want to learn to paint oceans.

Dorothy said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Beautifully done watercolor.