Friday, February 3, 2012

Trying something new

watercolor palms 2012.2
Every time I sit down at my desk at my computer I look at the screensaver that is tropical. The screen saver has beautiful blue/green water, sand and palm trees. It brings back memories of all of the wonderful winter vacations that we spent in Florida. Some our favorite places were in the Florida Keys, Longboat Key, and Sanibel to name just a few.  I can almost smell the salt water and hear the water lapping on the shore, shorebirds calling and hear the palm branches rustling in the wind. I love the beach and I love to beach comb. Unfortunately we haven't gone to Florida in a few years because of our cats.
This morning I gathered some supplies as I had a project in mind that I wanted to give a shot.  So, with my watercolor pad (140 # cold press) , limited water color paints and the few brushes that I have from past art projects in hand, I tried for the first time to paint a water color scene. In the craft stores I've seen 90# watercolor paper that the surface is smoother, but I didn't have any of that, and I'm not even sure which is better. Do you water color? What would you use 90# press paper for?
Mind you, I can't draw a stick figure, have never gone to art school, or taken art classes, but I decided I was going to try my hand at painting a beach scene in water color paints. I don't even attempt to draw in my journal pages, because the finished drawing never look like I envisioned. Now don't laugh, but here is my finished piece.  I don't know if those who water color first sketch out a design, I didn't. I just put paint
to wet paper. I do kind of like how the palm tree fronds came out as I did manage to get a feathery effect. Just picture the palm fronds swaying in the tropical breeze. :-)
watercolor palms 2012.1 this is the same photo as above, but I noticed when I took the picture on the right upper corner I didn't get all of the seagull.
When I showed Tom, I have to give him credit, he didn't laugh out loud, and was very encouraging. He even asked if this was going to become my next new hobby. I reassured him it wasn't, but it probably won't be my last attempt.


Alicia said...

Oh Elaine, I think it is just beautiful!!!! I do hope you keep painting as you DO have a gift my friend! *Hugs*

Sherry Edwards said...

It looks good to me Elaine, great job! I can't paint at all although I do have some watercolour pencils and pastels - I know nothing about the paper to use though.

Your screen saver sounds fab, what a pretty picture in words you did too x

Lorraine said...

oh to be on a beach relaxing instead of the cold..carry on painting its so relaxing

Joanne Huffman said...

You have a talent for watercolor; I hope you do more. This is very evocative of a beautiful day at the beach.

Barbara said...

Very pretty, Elaine! I like the way your strokes feel so spontaneous, that you didn't belabor them. I think that's the secret with water color, which I was never very good with in school.