Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Song Bird card

3.25.2012 sweet song bird card

So many birds are returning to the area, and I love to hear their sweet songs fill the air. Their songs bring a smile to my face and make me happy.

Since I haven't had time to sit and create any kind of art lately I decided to make a quick card while I was waiting for the clothes to finish washing.

For my card.... I started with blue card stock and then added a piece of printed page scrapbook paper layered over the blue card stock. I then added a piece of ribbon with musical notes, stamped words, and a stamped bird on a branch with berries image that I colored with pencils and water colored the blue background. I'm not entirely happy with how the card turned out, but I am not going to toss it away.

Because I'm not creating art on a daily basis I think my muse has flown out the window. I find this very frustrating, and I'm hoping my muse will soon come back to me. Do you ever get stuck for ideas? 


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Barbara said...

Very pretty quick card! I was just noticing the birds myself around the woods in back of our house. I think it truly is an early spring, in spite of the frost warning for tonight. I'm going to ignore it. ;)