Friday, March 23, 2012

Early Morning phone call-Whale sighting alert

3.22.2012 Herring Cove Provincetown whale finwhale fluke coming out of the water at Herring Cove, Provincetown, taken from shore

The phone rang early yesterday morning, and my cousin who lives on Cape Cod, called and wanted me to come down for the day. Cheryl wanted to go to Race Point, Provincetown, MA to see if we could see the pod of 50 migrating right whales ( most endangered whale species) that had been sighted and could be seen from shore. The whales are suppose to be in the area for a few days. Click to read more about right whales.

I've been on a whale watch in a boat, but I had never seen whales from shore. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go and see the whales.
I quickly made Tom's lunch, got ready and headed out to the Cape. I picked up my cousin and off we went.
On the ride to Provincetown so many spring trees, shrubs and flowers were in bloom. It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm day, a perfect day for a ride. Everything is about 1-2 months ahead of schedule this year due to the extremely warm winter we've had.
3.22.2012 star magnolia cape cod star magnolia blooming..I love these trees
 3.22.2012 CC scotch broom Provincetownscotch broom grows all along the dunes and roadway at Race Point, tip of Cape Cod. In the spring the plants will be covered with pale yellow flowers.
3.22.2012 CC dune grass Provincetowndune grass  3.22.2012 Provincetown fence and dunes sand dune and  fencing taken on the road to Herring Cove and Race Point, Provincetown..reflections on the sand of the fencing
3.22.2012 Race Point sand dunes dunes..Race Point, Provincetown
3.22.2012 fence w sand dunes w reflection cape cod fencing on the dunes with reflection
  3.22.2012 Herring Cove sign Provincetown WW National Seashore beach area where we also watched the migrating right whales
  3.22.2012 CC Herring Cove Provincetown whale blow hard to take a photo of a whale blowing (exhaling). By the time I spotted a whales blow of water and got my little digital camera focused the water had mostly dispersed..look on the right hand side of  at the top of the dark blue water you will see a puff of white...whale blowing water. That's all I managed to capture. The photos were taken using 40 x zoom.
3.22.2012 CC Herring Cove Provincetown whale blow2    center of photo..whale blow
3.22.2012 Herring Cove lighthousegirl sitting near the waters edge in wet suit at Herring Cove, Provincetown looking towards Race Point and lighthouse
3.22.2012 Herring Cove girl in water w wet suitat Herring Cove a girl was in a wet suit and in the cold water
3.22.2012 house in Provincetowns west endodd shaped house on a street in the West End of Provincetown. Love the widow's walk on the roof.

crows are everywhere on the Cape..this one looks like he is standing guard

3.22.2012 favorite childhood treats

my favorite gum and candy from my childhood. Love going to the old Brewster General Store on 6-A when I go to the Cape. I always stock up on Teaberry gum. The store has so many wonderful things.

Late afternoon we stopped at A.C. Moore and Michael's in Hyannis. I hadn't been in a craft store in about 2 months, which was a record for me. :-)
I picked up a couple of Tim Holtz folders that were on clearance and then had an additional 40% off..great deal. I bought some papers, a 6 x6  paper stack, a package of tissue paper that was the color of kraft paper with old keys all over the tissue and some Sea World stickers that were in the mark down bin.
All in all I had a lovely day. I hope you did too.

I also want to thank those who leave let's me know that my blog is being read.


Alicia said...

How EXCITING to go whale watching from anyplace but more so from the shore! I bet it was just a beautiful sight (other than what we see)). I love the views you shared along the way as well! *Hugs*

Chrystal S said...

How Cool! Must have been an amazing thing to see. :) And I love all of the other wonderful photos too!

Clara said...

That must be really amazing to see up close. What a gorgeous day you had to do this!
Flowering trees are blooming here,too!

Joanne Huffman said...

How wonderful to go see whales! And, you brought back fond memories of Teaberry gum :)