Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Signs of an early spring in New England

3.21.2012 Early signs of spring pussywillows1 pussy willows
Here in New England we have had unusually warm weather all winter and really warm weather in the past couple of weeks.
3.21.2012 Early signs of spring crocusThe first spring flowers that bloom early in my area are snowdrops and crocus. I don't have snow drops, but my crocus are blooming as well as a few daffodils. I was outside this morning before the sun was really up and snapped a few photos. the grass is even starting to turn green. The sun wasn't up so the crocus hadn't opened up for the day yet.
3.21.2012 Early signs of spring pussywillows2 I always forget to check the pussy willow shrub that I planted many years ago in the side yard. When I think to check it, the pussy willows are already too big to cut and bring into the house to dry. I dug up my bush when it was really small. I found the bush growing on the bank of a reservoir at my dad's cranberry bog. The shrub grows really fast, and I cut it back every couple of years, or I'd never be able to reach the pussy willows to cut and bring inside. The pussy willows always grow on the new growth at the top of the bush. I love pussy willows, because it is a sure sign of spring.  Another sure sign of spring, hearing the peepers (frogs), which I heard this week.
3.21.2012 Early signs of spring lilac leafing out
this picture is blurry, but I couldn't believe it when I was out in the yard this morning and saw my lilac bushes leaves starting to bud out.
Today and tomorrow are again suppose to be very warm, and then I guess the temperatures will return to more normal March weather.

Still no time for art for me. This week since getting back from vacation has been busy. Today, I will be taking my parents to doctor appointments and to do errand.
Hope you have a great day.



Barbara said...

Don't have pussy willows in south Jersey, but we had them further north years ago. I miss them, thanks for the photos!

Joanne Huffman said...

Lovely spring blooms.