Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do you remember ZaRex? Updated 3.26.12

Raspeberry lime rickey drink ZaRex in a bottle old bottle I had in the refrigerator

During the warm spell we recently had I kept thinking about making a Raspberry Lime Rickey, but I kept forgetting to pick up limes when I was at the store. I had a bottle of raspberry ZaRex syrup in the refrigerator and 7 UP, but not a lime.  I finally bought some limes yesterday.
Here is what I use to make Raspberry Lime Rickey's, but you can use Sprite, or seltzer water.
Raspeberry lime rickey drink ingredients
ZaRex syrup was discontinued a few years back, but local residents bought the recipe rights, and now ZaRex is being sold again in some local stores and online.  There is a store (Prisco's on Rte.18) in, Bridgewater that supposedly now carries ZaRex, and I need to go and get a new bottle. 
Priscos market business card
Updated 3.26.2012. this morning I decided to take a ride to Prisco's. I did find ZaRex, and I was surprised to see on the shelves some ZaRex flavors in Sugar Free. Both the regular and sugar free sold for $4.95 a bottle.
New Bottle of raspberry that I bought. I didn't buy the sugar free.
3.26.2012 New Zarex bottle

My drink...yum!
Raspeberry lime rickey drink in tall glass
  As kids, we drank Kool Aid and ZaRex, hardly ever soda/pop/tonic. In the area where I live we always called it tonic or soda. My grandfather always had Canada Dry Ginger ale at his house and it was a treat to have a small glass when we visited. My mother made and bottled home made root beer every summer, and it was delicious. Mom would serve us Kool Aid and ZaRex drinks on hot summer days. Mom would also make popsicles in dixie cups or ice cube trays with the Kool Aid and ZaRex as a cool treat for us to enjoy. Now, I'm getting nostalgic.
Here is a ZaRex website with Recipes.
If you find some and make a raspberry lime rickey.


Barbara said...

Sounds yummy, Elaine! I don't remember the name Za Rex...maybe it didn't make its way south to NJ. But we sure put away a lot of Kool Aid!

Arthur Dove said...

Elaine thank you for the information on ZAREX. You are correct it is available once again. FoodMaster, Christmas Tree Shops, Priscos check our web site for others. Thank you