Thursday, October 25, 2012

TTPO...aka Test the Post Office

TTPO 2012 halloween severed hand1

Yes, this is my 2nd writing today, but I had to share the fun surprise I received in my mail box today. A longtime, stamping friend, Susan who lives in Colorado sent me this plastic hand that she found in a dollar store. TTPO mail is sent as envelope, box or packaging. Just name and address and postage. On the Prodigy stamping group we use to have TTPO swaps all the time, and I received some strange and wonderful items thru the mail. The guys at the local post office use to love when I came in to mail off my strange and funny items.

I wonder what the mail lady thought as she put this plastic hand in my mail box.

 TTPO 2012 halloween severed hand2 TTPO 2012 halloween severed palm hand2

In the past to name a few things I've mailed.. real coconuts, plastic alligators and dolphins. Panty hose filled with packing peanuts all from Florida when I was on vacation. My grandkids and nieces loved receiving the coconuts. The post office stapled the postage label onto the coconut. I've mailed a birthday party in a bottle bottle, light up musical soda bottles, piggy banks, plastic feet, severed Halloween arm, fly swatters, plastic shovels, inflatable toys, rubber chickens.

I've received inflatable ghosts, big chicken lawn decorations, plastic pumpkins, filled Easter baskets and other fun things. If you never sent anyone something like this..try it..I can guarantee the recipient will love the fun surprise in their mail box.

I hope you got a laugh out of my fun mail..I did.



Barbara said...

LOL!!!!!! What fun!

Joanne Huffman said...

I never heard the TTPO term before, but I have a friend who loves to mail strange objects "as is."