Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Smash Book pages

I haven't had any desire to be creative and create art in quite sometime. Don't know why, but the creative juices just weren't flowing. Last year I bought the original size Smash book and also a 12 x 12 inch Smash book but I never did a thing with them.
The other day I posted that I was going to convert a blank Paula Deen cookbook binder into a Smash book.  This binder is the exact size of the new binder Smash books that you can add pages to.
Well, truth be told...this morning I cut some scrapbook papers, got out the Mod Podge and I did cover the front and back cover of that Paula Deen binder ring binder. I haven't finished but I will post pictures when I do finish decorating the covers. At least that is a start.

Anyway, getting back to creating some Smash book pages..I decided that the first Smash book that I bought last year in Michael's when they first came out I would dedicated to 2013. Since it is still January, I decided  my first 2 page spread would be Disney. I enjoyed my quick Florida trip earlier in the month. I started by covering 2 pages in the book with Disney scrapbook paper. I then cut a few photos, brochures and added stickers and other embellishments. (calendar page, tickets, sunglasses) to use on my Disney trip pages. On the dollar bill I wrote..You need lots of these. :-)

                                                                      left side of page


 right side of page

This 2 page spread is a start for my 2013 Smash Book. I will probably do a page on my rescued kittens, our 45th anniversary, our son's 40th birthday, and who knows what else.
I need to count the number of pages in the Smash book so I will know how many pages I will have for each month.


Anonymous said...

Your pages look GREAT Elaine!!!! That will be a wonderful book when you get it done!!!

Barbara said...

I had to google smash book, hadn't heard if it. Sounds like fun, will be watching!

Joanne Huffman said...

You're off to a great start for your smash book. It's be something to go through and enjoy in future years. I look forward to seeing the covers on the Paula Deen conversion.