Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Magical getaway to Orlando, Florida Disney Disney Parks

castle at night green1 Cinderella's castle at night. The lights changed colors..beautiful
castle at night pink1
Disney castle 2013 daytime
It was so nice to getaway for a few days ( Saturday thru Tuesday) to Orlando,Florida to Disney World. I had been watching the weather before we left and the forecast looked like we would have a lot of rain. Thankfully the reports were wrong and we had beautiful warm, sunny days. Monday late afternoon we had a few brief showers, but we were eating dinner when most of the showers occurred. Our flights to and from Florida on Jet Blue were great and we arrived ahead of schedule both ways.
We stayed at All Sports Resort on Disney property, so we didn't have to rent a car, as we were able to use the bus services to and from the parks.
Disney trip All Star Resort star Huge star in front of registration building.
Disney trip All Star Resort lge. luggage in front display huge luggage at front of building
Disney trip All Star Resort board w park info
On the way to the park the first day we saw a large flock of Sandhill cranes. Beautiful! I so enjoy seeing all the beautiful birds in Florida.
At all the parks we were delighted to see that all the Christmas lights and decorations were still up. So beautiful during the day, but spectacular at night.
I will keeping adding  photos as I get them downloaded.
Disney kelley and tommy in the stocks
Disney me and katie in the stocks1 
Disney trip red fireworks at castle fireworks with Cinderella's castle in the background
Disney trip fireworks near castle 1 Disney trip fireworks near castle 2 Disney trip fireworks near castle 3
Disney Cinderella katie 2013 1 Disney Cinderella katie 2013 2
Disney trip closeup merida and katie
Disney trip merida and katie Brave princess Merida
Disney sleeping beauty katie1 Aurora
Disney Movers and Shakers  Night Parade
Disney trip movers shakers parade Donald Disney trip Movers shakers genie Disney trip movers shakers Mad Hatter Disney trip parade girl on stilts Disney trip movers shakers Mickey Disney trip movers shakers Mickey2 Disney trip movers shakers parade Balou Bear Disney trip movers shakers parade Bear Disney trip Movers Shakers parade chip n dale float Disney trip Goofy on float Disney trip parade mickey minnie Disney trip Movers Shakers parade incredibles float Disney trip movers shakers shrimp little mermaid
Disney trip movers shakers stilt walker Donald Disney trip movers shakers twirler Disney trip movers shakers walking on stilts Disney trip parade bears Disney trip parade girl on stilts Disney trip parade Jessie toy story
We saw the Electrical Parade, but I didn't get photo's as we were eating supper in a restaurant at the time of the parade.
Disney trip Epcot ball Disney trip Epcot illuminations fireworks 2013 world. 1 illuminations
Disney trip Epcot illuminations fireworks 2013. 2
Disney trip Tommy Akershus sign2 
Hollywood Studio's
Disney trip Epcot huge Christmas tree Disney trip HS mickey hat Disney trip Hollywood studios film strip
Disney trip Aerosmith rocknroller coaster sign1
Disney trip Aerosmith guitar rocknroller coaster2 Rock n Roller Coaster ride featuring Aerosmith
Disney trip Buzz lightyearDisney trip Katie buzz lightyear ride 
Disney trip Kelley tommy buzz lightyear ride2 Buzz Lightyear ride

Disney trip Tower of Terror 2 I can't believe that I did all the roller coaster and thrill rides (Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and The Tower of Terror)...what can I say about the Tower of Terror other than everyone's hair lifted straight off their scalp and you came off of your seat by 6 inches. Holey Moley!!!!
I took lots of pictures and I haven't had time to download them all from my camera.


Joanne Huffman said...

What fun!

Barbara said...

Love the photos! Also that no jacket look is great. :)