Friday, March 22, 2013

Back from Florida

wheres spring already cartoon found this cartoon on the internet

I got back from late Sunday night from my two week Florida vacation. What a shock for my body from leaving warmth and sunshine to come home to frigid temps and snow.  Hated leaving wearing short sleeves and shorts.

When is this winter ever going to end? Doesn't mother nature know that it is now officially spring? I know, I shouldn't be complaining as I got to go to Florida twice this winter, but...I don't like the cold. Last year for this same week the temps here were in the low to high 70's.

I haven't downloaded  all of my photos that I took on my trip, but I will share them with you when I do. Below are a few that I have downloaded.

My cousin and I stopped at several fabric/quilt stores, bead, and rubber stamp/scrapbook stores in our travels.

I was delighted to find a great quilt shop in Orange Park, Florida Country Crossroads where I found a nice selection of Laurel Burch cat fabrics. I bought some that had been newly released since Laurels death.

Laurel Burch cat and dog panel

Florida 3.2013 Laurel Birch panel cats n dogs.Country Crossroads Orange Park

Florida 3.2013 Laurel Birch vivid  colors Country Crossroads Orange Park  love this vivid one

Florida 3.2013 Laurel Birch hot pink cats Country Crossroads Orange Park  hot pink background with cats

Found these ocean themed fabrics in Bunnell, Florida at the Sew and Quilt shop at Exit 284 and Calico Station, in Orange Park

Florida 3. 2013 Sea themed fabric bought in Bunnell Florida

I bought this beautiful silver with dichoric bracelet closure (enlarged) in Crystal Garden Designs, Venice, Florida.

Florida 3.3.2013 dichoric bracelet closure Crystal Garden Design Naples

We stopped at Claire's Collectibles in St. Augustine. A nice stamp store with a large selection of rubber stamps and products. Then in Lutz (which in near Lakeland) we stopped at Violette's. OMG!!! What a fantastic store..the store just goes from one room to the next. I sure wish that store was nearby to me. WOW, is all I can say. And, further down the parking lot in the same plaza was a nice quilt shop.

I found 2 mermaid stamps that I didn' t have. The photos are blurry because they are still in their clear packaging.

Florida mermaid stamp 1 Florida mermaid stamp 2

Violettes stamp store Lutz near Lakeland

Russell Stover sign What can I say...I have a sweet tooth. On our way home we stopped at the Russell Stover chocolate outlet in North Carolina. I bought candy for Easter Baskets.

We made one last candy stop before heading home... Bethleham, PA to visit the Peeps store.

store sign at the outlet mall. This mall had a casino, high end stores and an Emeril restaurant.

Peeps and Co store sign Bethleham PA

Peeps store front of store

fill a bag with miniature, individually wrapped Peeps for $5.00, and the bag didn't have to close. So cute. I had never seen these tiny ones before.

Minature Peeps fill a bag for 5.00

 Peeps stuffed chick and me  large stuffed Peep Peeps big and stuffed for sale..large stuffed Peeps 

Peeps displaydisplay

Peeps bunny display  stuffed bunny peeps

Peeps factory Just Born Bethleham PA at the Peeps factory

Peeps car Bethleham PA 1 Peeps VW..I want to ride in this

Peeps car front front of Peeps car

   back of Peeps car 

Peeps car back

love those Peeps!

peeps chicks

The article below was in the local paper on Wednesday..Brockton Enterprise

Peeps article 1 from paper

Peeps article 2 from paper

Peeps article from paper

Peeps article from paper 2nd page




Joanne Huffman said...

Looks like you had a great time shopping as well as with the weather.

Kerry said...

Elaine, what a fun trip. Seems like winter just will not end. Love all the pics so far.