Monday, March 25, 2013

Florida photos 1

Florida Venice pelican Venice
Florida 2013 Naples pier royal ternRoyal Tern...Naples
Florida 2013 Naples pier royal terns on roof
Florida Siesta key shorebird  Sandpiper...Sanibel
Florida 2013 Naples willet shorebird in the surf at Sanibel
Florida Sanibel egrets Florida Sanibel egrets near pier Sanibel near the pier
   Florida 2013 Sanibel wood stork1
above and below wood storks ..Sanibel Island
Florida 2013 Sanibel wood stork2
gopher turtle crossing on Sanibelstreet sign on Sanibel
Florida 3. 2013 White Heron1egrets...Orlando
 turtle sunning..Orlando
Florida Sanibel gull in water Gull in water...EngelwoodFlorida Sanibel 2013 shorebird in water Siesta KeyFlorida Sanibel 2013 shorebird in water2
Florida 3. 2013 St Augustine chameleonSt. Augustine...chameleon
Below...Alligator Alley driving from the West coast to the East coast of Florida. This big alligator was on the opposite side of the bank and when I got out to take pictures he swam right up to where I was standing.
 Florida 2013 alligator alley upclose gator swimming to me1 Florida 2013 alligator alley upclose gator swimming to me4 Florida 2013 alligator alley upclose head of gator    Florida Alligator alley swimming towards me  
Below...3 cute little feral kittens living under a boardwalk, near the waters edge at the Marriott Cypress Harbour resort that we stayed at. Wish I could have rescued them. I asked a worker to call the animal rescue league to come and trap them to bring them to a no kill shelter.
Florida Orlando yellow feral kitty Florida stray feral striped kitty Florida stray grey feral kitty
Florida turtle sunning Lake Osborne  large turtle sunning in Lake Osborne, Lake Worth    
Florida Lake Worth 7 ft alligator 7 foot alligator that was on the shore of Lake Osborne across the street from my aunt's condo...Lake Worth
 Florida Lake Worth alligator swimming away  here it is swimming away
I hope you enjoyed these photos.

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