Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Smash Book pages month of February

Smash Book Feb 2013 2nd pic double pages

February's finished  2 page spread

Yes, I was behind on working on my monthly Smash book pages. This morning I gathered a few items, grabbed my Smash book and started working on a two page spread for February.   February was really cold here in Massachusetts and we had lots of snow so why not work on a snow theme.

Smash book Feb. 2013 pages before altering the Smash book pages started off looking like this, but the right page had orange paper, and it didn't go with my theme. If you don't like the page..change it by covering or painting over it.

I first covered the orange page with gesso. Then I glued a piece of snowflake tissue paper over the Gesso. I cut out a decorative napkin and glued that to the page. Glued a piece of sheer Let it Snow ribbon to the top of the page. I found a brown cardboard snowflake which I coated with Gesso and added Martha Stewart snow glitter on the top of the wet paint. I used a Tim Holtz ticket to journal on. Lastly, I smeared Gesso onto a piece of bubble wrap with my fingers and stamped the page with it.

Smash book Feb 2013 2nd pic right page

finished right hand side of page

I kept the blue and white background that was on the Smash book page. I glued a small calendar page to the left hand upper corner. Cut out and glued a decorative napkin over most of the page. Added some snowman stickers. Used bubble wrap with Gesso and stamped on the page. I also glued on large plastic snowflakes in dark blue, silver and a medium blue.  Finally, I wrote...Snow Snow and More Snow 2013.

 Smash book 2013 2nd pic left page left side of page

I already have an idea for March's pages. Do you use decorative napkins in your artwork?


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Joanne Huffman said...

So nice to see the winter snow relegated to images and memories. I love using decorative napkins - especially the really fancy silky ones.