Monday, August 23, 2010

Back home again

I left last Thursday morning for a few more days on Cape Cod. I just love going to the Cape. The weather was just beautiful until Saturday night when it started to rain. Rain on Sunday and it was raining today when I left. From high 80's to low 60's. That's New England weather for you.

Thursday we took a another ride to Provincetown and there were thousands of people walking the streets as there happened to be the annual carnival parade. Kind of like what they have in Key West only much tamer. I had never been before and all I can say is Oh My!!!!!!  (LOL) 
I created a photo album of the photo's that I took at the parade in my Picture trail. Check it out.

This years parade theme was Jungle Fantasy 2010 Carnival. Beads were thrown from floats just like at Mardi Gras. Some walked the parade route down Commercial Street and others rode in floats. The majority that were in the parade were men dressed as women. Very hard to tell on so many of them because of their makeup, costumes and wigs.

 It was so very hot, and we had to stand for almost 2 hours in the sun waiting for the parade. BIG, BIG mistake...I hadn't eaten since breakfast. So between not eating and getting dehydrated from the afternoon sun I almost passed out. I got clammy, and my legs got all wobbly and I felt funny and very week like I was going to  faint. I had to sit on the sidewalk or I would have fallen down. I think I scared the heck out of my cousin.  I drank a couple of bottles of water  had a little something to eat before I felt better.

Saturday, while my cousins went to a funeral I went to Colorful Creations scrapbook store. I bought a few rubber stamps, and papers, and distressed embossing powder.  I also found some Graphics 45 papers. Those papers are really lovely. I had never seen them before other than on the computer. I also walked down to the bead store, but only bought one strand of beads that were white and shaped like skulls.

Saturday afternoon while I was working in my cousins yard, I was using the big pruning loper shears to cut branches. I was trying to cut a branch that was over an inch thick, and while I was straining hard to close the pruning shears to make the cut, I heard something go pop in my wrist area. Oh boy, instant pain!!! I didn't end up breaking anything, but my hand/wrist area got all swollen. I pulled/stretched a tendon.  Almost faint one day and then do damage to my hand, how fun is that??? Not!!!

Here are some photos I took to share with you. In the center of downtown Hyannis is the JFK museum. I took a couple pictures of the bronze of JFK that is in front of a front and side view. The bronze has beach grass and sand, and he is barefoot.jfk bronze at musuem jfk memoria side view at museum
Also a picture of the JFK Memorial in Hyannis that overlooks the water.
jfk memorial hyannis

Well, have to start thinking of what to make for supper, unpack, and do some laundry. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did despite my mishaps.


Anonymous said...

Ditto "oh my!"...many, many colorful photos. Was that a real nun in one of them? Loved the photos of the JFK bronze. Welcome back, and watch your mail mid to end of the week. Take care of your wrist too.

Elaine A said...

No, that wasn't a real nun in the photo. :-)

Kerry said...

Sounds like a wonderful time EXCEPT for the wrist and almost fainting! The picture of the bronze statue is awesome! Glad to have you back home.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Dear elaine,
Thank you so much for the lovely RAK! I put it on my blog : )))) so sweet & kind of you and just what I needed! See it here on my blog!