Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cape Cod get away

I left Friday morning for another mini Cape Cod get away vacation.The weather was absolutely gorgeous everyday. Sunny, not much humidity, and there were nice breezes. Just perfect!

Friday we made a quick stop at KMart to see if they had inexpensive white canvas sneakers. I bought two pair. If you bought one pair the 2nd was 1/2 off.  I want to try my hand at drawing on the sneakers and coloring them with the PrismaColor markers that had been sent to me as a RAK last month. Next stop, Main Street, Hyannis. I bought some paper at Colorful Creations Scrapbook store. Then on to the bead store a little further down the road.

We drove down lots of the less traveled back roads and off the beaten paths to avoid the summer crowds/traffic on the Cape. We stopped at yard sales and thrift shops. I call these rides, Magical Mystery Tours, as we never know where we will end up or what we will do.
Saturday, at Gray's beach  or as some call it Bass Hole. The water there was nice and warm. There were many small sailboats on the water taking advantage of the breezes. There is a huge osprey nest way out in the marsh, and the baby osprey are now flying. The last time I was there the parents were still sitting on the eggs. Osprey are also called fish hawks. http://www.referencecenter.com/ref/reference/osprey/osprey?invocationType=ar1clk&flv=1
Below: Osprey sitting on their bulky nests that sits on a high pole way out in the marsh at Gray's Beach.

fuzzy photo of osprey landing on nest with a second bird also in the nest.. Oops, I moved when snapping this photo.

man sailing his boat in the open marsh channel with sand dunes in the background
seagull sitting on the railing of the boardwalk that goes out into the marsh at Gray's Beach

Saturday, in Yarmouth we were driving past a little shoe repair shop Bass River Shoe and Leather Repair. http://www.bassrivershoerepair.com/

There was a little sign propped up outside the shop-OILCLOTH. We stopped to see what they had, and I was so glad that we did. I found several rolls of oilcloth which I have tried to find locally for ages, but with no luck.
 Years ago you could buy oilcloth anywhere,  now none of the fabric stores carry it. At the little shoe repair shop they had  aprons for adults and children, placemats, and totes in different sizes all made from oilcloth for sale. They were lovely.
I bought a yard in 3 different patterns to use in a sewing project that I have in mind to make. A colorful floral, blue and white print and a B/W check. That one little stop made me a very happy camper. :-)

Then, on Sunday, we  rode thru  the little towns of the lower Cape all the way to Provincetown. Provincetown was a zoo. It was so busy and the roads are so narrow that it is hard to drive thru the downtown area.
On the way to Provincetown we came in by the Truro beach road where there are numerous tiny cottages lining the side of the road. The cottages sit almost on the beach. Post cards have these old cottages pictured on them. The cottages are each named, and have a plaque with the name of a flower on the front of each building that faces the road.

looking down the street at the cottages

 Provincetown Pilgrim monument which will be 100 years old this month.

Provincetown Pilgrim Monument

On our drive back from the tip of the Cape we stopped in Chatham, as we wanted to see if we would be lucky and have a great white shark sighting.  The sharks have been coming in close to shore to feed on the many seals. The harbormaster has closed 5 miles of South Beach, in Chatham to swimmers.
By the Chatham fish pier we saw seals but no sharks. Across from the Chatham lighhouse and Coast Guard station we also saw seals, but no sharks. Lots of people came to see if they could see the sharks.
hard to get a good photo of the seals as they would pop up and then  dive down in the water to quickly.

Chatham Light

Chatham Lighthouse at the Coast Guard Station

Dune grass sign at the top of the stairs leading to the beach from the parking area near the road, Chatham

Rosa Rugosa..okl fashion roses with lots of rose hips on the thorny branches.
There are many rose hip recipes online.
South Beach, Chatham- view of the ocean and the dunes

Monday (yesterday) was a lazy day. I showed my cousin how to make a spiral rope bracelet. Below is a site that has a visual plus instructions.

 And, my mini get away ended this morning as I headed for home. When I pulled into the yard I noticed that the glads I planted on Memorial day were starting to open. Many plants have the flower spikes, but aren't quite ready to open yet. Below are my first blooms.

Here is a photo of our granddaughter Bella taken at the beach today. She is getting so big. Bella will be 3 months old on the 24th.

Well, that's it for today. I can't believe that we are already into the month of August. Summer is flying by too quickly.
 Now, back to reality.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my little get away. Have a great day.


Diann said...

Sounds like a wonderful getaway...I've traveled to Cape Cod and we went to Provincetown, where an ARTist painted our son Michael's picture...it was a treasure we had over our fireplace for many years! Loved seeing the SEA and your lovely flowers back home! Diann

Kerry said...

Elaine - wonderful pictures. Your mini-getaway looked just perfect! And your glads are gorgeous! Glad to have you back!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...


Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS Photos!! Welcome HOME!!

The Backporch Artessa said...

Lovely Elaine! Looks like a wonderful trip!
Kari (AAWA)

Sue McGettigan said...

Bella is a treasure! Happy trails to you :)

Autumn said...

Bella is simply beautiful! So glad you had another little getaway.
Autumn Clark