Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Button Fairy for my hydrangea inspiration

Greetings bloggers... it's been several days since I last wrote on my blog, or for that matter created any kind of art. In fact, I hadn't done much of anything since I got back home from the Cape last Monday. except for household stuff. It was a really blah week. Long, dreary, rainy days.My hand that I hurt, was and is still not quite right, but it is feeling much better.

I finally got all my 100 post giveaways mailed out on Friday. Sorry that I was late in getting them mailed out, but with all the rain we had until Thursday, I didn't leave the house. I hope the prizes arrive to their new homes okay.  Please let me know when your packages arrive, ok? Thanks!!!!

Now, for the one piece of art that I made today.  On a group that I belong to - An Affair with Art we have a inspiration mingle each month. This month, Susan gave us the picture of Hydrangeas and hydrangea decorated cupcakes for our inspiration. I had a lot of ideas, but finally went with a button fairy. I drew and cut out the wings, and then covered them with hydrangea scrapbook paper.  I also used some silk hydrangea petals.  Below is the inspiration photo and my little button fairy with a  bell on the bottom that I created for Ellen. I will get it out in tomorrows mail. Don't those decorated cupcakes on the cake stand look yummy?
AAWA august inspiration hydrangea  photo aawa august inspiration hydrangea button fairy

This afternoon I also worked on my A New Page Journal. I will post pictures tomorrow when the lighting is better. I am having fun with this, but my journal is pretty basic compare to others. I will probably add more to the pages I've already done, as I go along. Thanks, Autumn for getting me to try something new.

I also mailed out my silver mermaid pillow to Barbara Moore in NJ on Friday.  We were going to trade fabric ATC's, but Barbara liked my mermaid pillow, and from there we went to swapping pillows instead, Funny, huh?   I received a small, colorful, fabric hot air balloon pillow during the week from Barbara. I am going to add some ribbon to the beaded balloon and use it as a Christmas ornament.
Barbara told me that she added a sprig of sage inside the balloon pillow in with the stuffing. Barbara inserts a sprig of sage in all her pillows, spirit dolls and everything else she stuffs. The sage is from her garden. A Native American tradition says sage brings positive energy and she is part Native American. Here is a link to Barbara's blog.

Barbara's hot air balloon                   My Fabric mermaid
fabric balloon .barbara moore fabric mermaid grey 
Barbara would like to trade small beaded pillows with others, and if I have time I wouldn't mind doing that either as well as trading other art that I do.

I took my granddaughter school shopping on Thursday, as she starts school on Tuesday. Katie had been gone for most of the summer visiting with a friend in PA. It was nice to have her home. It sure is different shopping with girls. Also picked up some stuff for Lily.
Katie has her learners permit, and she asked if she could drive my car. So, I let her drive my car everywhere we went. I think I stayed pretty calm and she did a good job.  It has been such a long time since my sons were in high school and learning to drive. 

Granddaughter's, Lily and Katie stopped by Friday night with their dad, our oldest son, Tommy. Thankfully they took home vegetables from the garden.
This morning Tom and I went out to breakfast. Then went to visit with Steven, Robin and Bella. Bella is getting so big. She was 3 months old on the 24th and is now turning over all by herself.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did, but the weekends always fly by too quickly, such a shame. :-)
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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...Elaine, thank you for mentioning our little pillow swap and especially for the photo. I don't know how we went from ATCs to little pillows (wait, yes I do know, I just loved your little mermaids!). At any rate, I totally enjoyed making the balloon and hope to do more little pillows. If anyone wants to swap those as well, please get in touch either with Elaine or myself at my blog link she provided. It was so fun!
I love your little button fairy! Hydrangeas are a sentimental favorite of mine, but alas, mine never bloom. We have beatutiful green foliage, but almost never get flowers. My grandmother had them, incredibly beautiful every year. I think the secret is lots of sun.

Patti G. said...

Elaine, so funny, your pillow exchange, grown from an atc exchange! Hehehe!
And your button fairy is sssssssuper special!

Tammy D said...

Love Button Fairy! Sounds like a nice weekend.

Kerry said...

Elaine, I love hydrangeas and your button fairy is delightful! Perfectly adorable. Thanks for sharing.