Monday, August 30, 2010

Working on my Journal pages

Wow, I have been busy today...3 blog posts. I don't write for days and then I can't stop. (LOL)
 I don't even feel one bit guilty being on the computer and creating in my journal for most of the day.
I did do some housework and laundry earlier this morning. 

I have been following along with the prompts that Autumn posted to our An Affair With Art yahoo group.
But I am doing my own thing. I keep going back and tweaking the pages. When I first started I made my covers, and gathered papers for my pages, collected game cards, tags and whatever caught my eye. The following photos are from my journal so far.
The beginning of my journal. Here is a small page with all the prompts that will be used throughout my journal. We start on a new page every Monday. Click on the photos to enlarge the photos.

Week 1....A New Page
journal prompts page 1 journal a new page back of prompt tag pocket with tag
journal a new page 2 with bird tag the tag is out so you can see it
Back of the page above and is opposite the pink Beautiful Things page.
journal a new page birdcage

Week 2...Beautiful Things
I am still playing  around with this page. I used a silk beaded flower and wrote some of my thoughts. I need to finish the back side of this page.
journal beautiful things page

Week 3....All that I Am
journal all that I am brown page.1 left side of double page spread. I love the My Life stamp that I bought at Michael's in their $1 bin of stamps.

dress form shaped tag with a picture of me when I was two, and one now in a bead store.
journal dress form tag all that I am
journal that I am 2 page spread
journal back dress form double spread all that I am back of dress form tag and All that I am journaling with vintage image. I don't wear dresses very often. I love my jeans. I tell my sons that when I die I want to be buried in a pair of jeans.  :-)
journal all tha i amg oddess page goddess page. Stamped goddess, goddess saying. Map tape alone left edge of large tag that I stamped and used gold paint on bubble wrap. Punched holes on left edge and added ribbons.

Well, that is all for now. I think this project is fun. The hardest part is the journaling. Hopefully I will get better as I go along. My handwriting is terrible. 

Week 4..Prompt....Deep Within
Wow, a month into this project already. I started working on my page this morning. Will post when I get more done.  So, this is TO BE CONTINUED.

Are you journaling? If so, are you enjoying it? Anything you care to share with me on what you find helpful with  journaling?  
I have to scan some old cabinet cards and other vintage pieces to share with all of you. I hope that you could use the other 2 scans I shared recently. That's it for today folks. Thanks for stopping by.    Happy Journaling!       
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Susan said...

Your journal is looking great! I know what you mean about the journaling - that's the hardest part for me too.

Kerry said...

I love your journal! It is so pretty, I love the softness of the colors. I've been trying to follow along and seem to have the same problem with journaling. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Elaine...I love the altered pages!!! GREAT variety...and your Halloween creation is AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your journal is lovely! You wrote your handwriting is terrible, but if it can be as easily read as yours, it's definitely not bad. Arthritis has taken a toll on my handwriting, so I don't think I'll ever be journaling the same way as you. I can still sew and bead though, perhaps that's a kind of journaling. I know it's meditative, and I do enjoy it. I like to call it "visual journaling".

Altered Route said...

Beautiful work Elaine...aren't journals fun!